Book Recs: 10 Gay Ghost Books to Check Out


Gay ghost books! Well, the books are gay, not necessarily the ghosts, though there are quite a few of those too. These are mostly m/m romance, some are not necessarily romance but are about mlm characters. One has a ghost love interest, most have ghosts who are a problem, and the rest have ghosts that have some other role in the story. (Sorry if you’re disappointed by only one ghost love interest, I’ll probably do another one of these in the future, and maybe I’ll have more for that post!) None of the books are what I’d call scary though (and I’m a scaredy cat). And I have this list just in time for Halloween! But really it’s never a bad time to read about ghosts. So here are ten suggestions you might not have read yet.

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The Ghost Slept Over by Marshall ThorntonThe City Beautiful by Aden PolydorosThe Tutor by Bonnie DeeThe Blade Between by Sam J. MillerThe Haunted Pub by Melanie Tushmore

The Ghost Slept Over by Marshall Thornton

This is a humorous, silly story about a man who inherits his ex’s fortune but has to deal with said ex, who is now a ghost and wants the man to join in him the afterlife. There’s also a romance, though not with the ghost.
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The City Beautiful by Aden Polydoros

This is a wonderful, and wonderfully Jewish, YA book set in 1893 Chicago about a teen whose friend dies and then sort of possesses him in order to try and stop his killer. But the possession will kill him if he and an old flame (yes, there’s a bit of romance) can’t get rid of it in time. I just love how steeped in the setting and culture this book is.
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The Tutor by Bonnie Dee

This one is a fairly simple and touching historical romance in which a man goes to work at an estate teaching a widower’s children, only to realize the place is haunted and to realize he has to help because he cares about this family.
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The Blade Between by Sam J. Miller

There’s a lot in this book, and I’m not entirely sure how it all connected, which makes it hard to explain. But it’s about a gay man, recovering from drug addiction and in love with his best friend, working with his best friend’s wife to stop the gentrification of their hometown. And also ghost whales! And other ghosts. And an imaginary person become real?
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The Haunted Pub by Melanie Tushmore

I’ll be honest, I read this over six years ago and don’t remember it, but I liked it at the time. It’s a romance, and according to my review, the antagonist was a ghost who was “simultaneously an asshole and an amazing matchmaker but who ultimately went full-on poltergeist and wrought havoc upon the bar.”
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Summer Sons by Lee MandeloTaproot by Keezy YoungRhapsody for Piano and Ghost by Z.A. MaxfieldPrelude for Lost Souls by Helene DunbarScrudge & Barley, Inc. by John Inman

Summer Sons by Lee Mandelo

If you like messy queer characters, sexual tension so thick you could cut it with a knife, dangerous car races, dangerous ghosts, dangerous people, and books that will completely suck you in, this is the book for you. It’s amazing, which is obviously my biased opinion, but this whole list is my biased opinion, so *shrug*
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Taproot by Keezy Young

This is a cute little paranormal (maybe YA) graphic novel about a gardener and a ghost. The only one on this list that has a ghost love interest! And there lots of pretty plant art.
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Rhapsody for Piano and Ghost by Z.A. Maxfield

The romance in this book is heartwarming and refreshingly messy and unique. And there are gay ghost dads! Well, technically not anyone’s dads, more in a found family sort of way.
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Prelude for Lost Souls // The Promise of Lost Things by Helene Dunbar

These are atmospheric YA stories about teens living in a town full of mediums, struggling with things like family issues, grief, a shady governing body, addiction, and a ghost ex-boyfriend. (The second book is the m/m romance, but one of the characters is also a POV character in the first.)
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Scrudge & Barley, Inc. by John Inman

This is a Christmas Carol retelling with a m/m romance, and you’ll just have to trust me when I say it’s a lot deeper and more touching than the silly (though beautiful) cover makes it seem.
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  1. Suz

    I always love your posts, because you find books that I’m sure I wouldn’t find for myself. Looking at the covers, I’d probably go for Summer Sons, Prelude for Lost Souls, and Rhapsody for Piano and Ghosts. But then reading your reviews, I’d choose The Ghost Slept Over, The City Beautiful, and Prelude for Lost Souls.
    Umm, that’s two votes for one book. Prelude for Lost Souls is on the TBR list.

    1. Kit (Metaphors and Moonlight)

      I love introducing people to new books! I don’t know your taste super well, but if I were going to choose which of these I think you’d like, it probably would’ve been Prelude. I hope you like it if you give it a try!