Book Recs: 10 Lesser-Known M/M Vampire Books (2)


A few years ago, I made a blog post with recommendations for lesser-known m/m vampire books, and I’m finally back with more!

Sometimes when I do rec posts, I include books that weren’t really for me because books are subjective and other people may still enjoy them. But so far, with this topic, I’ve been able to recommend books I personally liked or loved.

For some of these books, I mention them being tropey or breaking tropes, and I just want to make it clear that tropes aren’t inherently bad! I love a lot of vampire tropes. I wouldn’t read so many vampire books if I didn’t. I also think it’s cool when authors break tropes or turn them on their heads. Talking about tropes is just a way to describe books and help people find the kinda books they might like!

Anyway, here are ten more m/m vampire books and series I recommend!

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Absolution by Lissa KaseyThe Vampire's Club Book 1 by X. AratareThe Pining by Devon McCormackTeeth: The First Bite by Chele CookeTheir Dark Reflections by Amanda Meuwissen

Absolution (Dominion Series) by Lissa Kasey

The main character of this series has a vampire boyfriend, and the fifth book of the series (Absolution) focuses on a different main character and is even more vampire-y. It’s a m/m/m romance, and though the MC is a young vampire, I especially loved all the interesting older vampire characters and seeing how time affected them. (I spotlighted this book because it has the most vampires, but I rec the whole series!)
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The Vampire’s Club Book 1 (Series) by X. Aratare

This serial consists of seven short books that all form one big story, and I got more and more into it as it went on. I loved the complexity of the characters and their interesting relationships with one another.
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The Pining by Devon McCormack

This one is a romance between a hunter and a vampire who wants to be good, with an ultimately sweet ending.
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Teeth: The First Bite (Teeth Series) by Chele Cooke

This one is a trilogy involving vampires, werewolves, and a whole cast of characters. It’s got some great emotion, drama, character growth, and complex relationships, and these vampires break a lot of the common tropes.
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Their Dark Reflections by Amanda Meuwissen

This one is sweet and sexy but also explores some of the darkness in the human and vampire and the effect they have on each other.
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Letters for Lucardo Vol. 1 by Otava HeikkilaDeep Desire by Z.A. MaxfieldHemovore by Jordan Castillo PriceThe Vampire and His Pleasant Companions Vol. 1 by Marimo Ragawa (Original Story by Narise Konohara)FANGS Vol. 1 by Billy Balibally

Letters for Lucardo Vol. 1 (Series) by Otava Heikkila

This one is unique from the others on this list for a few reasons. It’s a graphic novel, and an erotic one, at that. The vampire is Black. And the love interest is old, not a sprightly 20-something. If you want something that eschews the normal vampire romance tropes, definitely check this out.
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Deep Desire (Deep Series) by Z.A. Maxfield

This is a series that somehow felt both tropey and unique, with some interesting takes on vampires and their abilities, and a break from the usual in that the human lover is the one who doesn’t want to be turned.
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Hemovore by Jordan Castillo Price

I loved the unique take on vampirism in this one (it’s spread via virus) and the effect it has on the world, the thriller-esque plot, and the somewhat angsty and slow-burn romance.
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The Vampire and His Pleasant Companions Vol. 1 (Series) by Marimo Ragawa (Original Story by Narise Konohara)

This one is another graphic novel, manga this time. This story about a vampire from the US who turns into a bat each day and accidentally ends up getting shipped to Japan has just the right balance of humor and heart. It made me laugh, but it also pulled on my heart strings and made me feel.
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FANGS Vol. 1 (Series) by Billy Balibally

Last but not least, another manga! The first volume of this story (all that’s out so far at the time I’m writing this), about a newly turned vampire learning the ropes about vampirism and the FANGS organization from his mentor, truly surprised me in the best way with how much depth was in the characters, their relationships, their lives, and the way vampirism affected them.
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  1. Mary Kirkland

    I haven’t read any of those but I do like vampires so I’ll have to take a closer look and see if any of them catch my interest.

    I read a fun m/m vampire book called, Forbidden Bond by Lee Colgin. You might like it.

  2. Nikki Mitchell

    Ok I hope maybe you read this book I cannot find it. It starts with a guy stalking a Vampire in Las Vegas. This Vamp runs the whole of Vegas. The man is like a reporter but not really. His roommate is missing and he knows this vampire took him. Once a year this vamp is required to throw a party for his evil sire for a week to allow him to keep living and ruling in Vegas. This sire is not a good vamp at all. When the vamp goes to the party they find the man who has been following them and takes him back to his hotel. He finds out his friend is fine and is a paid donor. The vamp not only feeds on blood but sex and when they turn a human they have to keep them close one of the new ones is named Tim. Basically the sire tries to overthrow the vamp and in the end is killed. It’s a really good story and I want to read it again but I cannot find it. I read it on Amazon but nothing comes up. Does this sound familiar? It would have been around 2021. Help pretty please.

    1. Kit (Metaphors and Moonlight)

      I’m sorry, I’ve never read anything like this πŸ™ It sounds interesting though. If you go under “content & devices” in your Amazon account on the website, you should be able to see every book you own, and if you change the filters to “Kindle Unlimited” and “returned,” your KU borrow history, if you used that. You could also try looking up Goodreads lists of 2021 vampire books. Maybe you’ll be able to recognize the title when you see it!