Book Recs: 10 Queer Christmas-Themed Sci-Fi/Fantasy Books


I’m back with more SFF Christmas book recommendations! Earlier this time, in case people need them for readathons or are already feeling the holiday spirit.

Also queerer! My other posts, which I’ll link to below, have lots of queer books too, so check those out if you’re looking for more, but I decided this time I wanted them all to be queer. They’re all m/m, but I went with a broader title so that I can include other types of rep in future posts.

I haven’t read any of these, as of the time I’m posting this. They’re just books I’ve found and want to read. But I’ll update with thoughts or links to any reviews I write!

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Kissed by the Krampus by L EvelandA Very Vampire Christmas by Mark LesneyWishing for Coal by Emma JayeHe Sees You When You're Sleeping by Sara Dobie BauerChristmas Spirit by Annabelle Jacobs

Kissed by the Krampus by L Eveland

A war vet falling for a gentle Krampus, while some other danger lurks. Sounds sweet and mysterious. This is first in a series, though no other books are out yet, so I don’t know if they’ll be about different couples.
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A Very Vampire Christmas by Mark Lesney

This is more of a novella, at 71 pages. But it sounds really interesting with its mix of romance and perhaps action, about a character who ends up in the Wild West witnessing old memories of his vampire partner, bringing them closer.
Amazon // Goodreads

Wishing for Coal by Emma Jaye

This is the first in a series that follows a different couple each book. They seem like they’ll be sort of erotic romances, maybe with some BDSM, and a Christmas twist, since they’re about elves and Christmas faeries and Krampus.
Amazon // Goodreads // My Review

He Sees You When You’re Sleeping by Sara Dobie Bauer

Another novella, but this time it’s a queer SFF Christmas romance… with a horror twist. What a combo! (At least, I think there’s some fantasy element.)
Amazon // Goodreads

Christmas Spirit by Annabelle Jacobs

This seems like a sweet romance that even includes a matchmaking ghost. To be honest, someone dating their best friend’s uncle sounds a bit odd, but life is hard, gotta take love where you find it, I guess 😅
Amazon // Goodreads

On a Midnight Clear by Lily MortonA Winter Romance by Gigi RiversMerry & Sprite by Dani LakelySanta's Secrets by K.C. WellsA Very Genre Christmas by Kim Fielding

On a Midnight Clear by Lily Morton

There’s something so romantic and fascinating about a statue magically coming to life, which is what this story is about! It sounds like another sweet one.
Amazon // Goodreads

A Winter Romance by Gigi Rivers

These aren’t Christmas books, but they are winter holiday books, so close enough. And they’re about nymphs! A series with a different couple in each book.
Amazon // Goodreads

Merry & Sprite by Dani Lakely

This sounds really cute and fun, described as a holiday rom-com. It’s about a guy who gets a spell put on him to grant the wishes of others, trying to find a cure by working with someone who annoys the crap of him. But of course we all know where that’s going! So far it’s a series with two books, both following the same couple.
Amazon // Goodreads // My Review

Santa’s Secrets by K.C. Wells

A bit of a strange premise in that it’s about someone who meets Santa as a child and then meets him again each year, and now that he’s in his 50s, he wants more than that. But it could be nice, and I love that it’s about an older character.
Amazon // Goodreads

A Very Genre Christmas by Kim Fielding

A private detective in the 1950s, in perhaps an alternate version of our world, gets an elf client who needs help getting back to his world but also brings some cheer to the P.I.’s holiday.
Amazon // Goodreads

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  1. Suz

    QUEER CHRISTMAS-THEMED SCI-FI/FANTASY BOOKS – that is such a niche category. They all sound fun, but I’ve downloaded A Very Genre Christmas because I loved the premise. Thanks for sharing