Book Recs: 10 Sci-Fi/Fantasy Books to Make You Laugh


It feels like everyone could use a bit more joy and laughter right now, so I’ve put this post together in the hopes of helping some people find that!

I’m not promising there’s nothing sad or serious in these books. Just that these books have made me laugh or are fun and silly enough to be a nice distraction from real life. I’ll try to give some info as to the mood of each book, to the best of my memory and ability (without including spoilers).

Anyway, I loved most of these, some are favorites of mine, so maybe you’ll like them too!

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The Lightning-Struck Heart (Tales from Verania Series) by TJ KluneSteal the Light (Thieves Series) by Lexi BlakeReal Hero Shit (Series?) by Kendra WellsRomeo and/or Juliet by Ryan NorthReal Vampires Don't Sparkle (Real Vampires Don't Sparkle Series) by Amy Fecteau

The Lightning-Struck Heart (Tales from Verania Series) by TJ Klune

A high fantasy m/m series about magic and dragons! It’s been a while since I read these books, so I don’t remember details. I know there are times when it gets more serious. But, for the most part, these are hilarious and delightful books. I definitely laughed out loud while reading!
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Steal the Light (Thieves Series) by Lexi Blake

An urban fantasy series with action, complex plotting, heists, supernaturals, romance, sex—just, everything! The first time I read this, especially the first book, I was laughing so hard that my stomach hurt. It’s the kind of humor that isn’t just one-liners here and there, it’s whole scenes that build up into chaos and hilarity. There are some heavier emotions in this series, sometimes bad things happen, but the humor brings a nice balance, and it’s one of those series where the struggles only make the good at the end all the better.
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Real Hero Shit (Series?) by Kendra Wells

An lgbt+ high fantasy graphic novel about a lovable but spoiled prince joining an adventuring party! There’s some mention of darker things here, but overall this one is funny and queer and colorful and fun.
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Romeo and/or Juliet by Ryan North

A chooseable path book in which you get to make decisions for Romeo and Juliet and change the outcome of their story, except it’s a lot weirder this time!This is ridiculous and funny with all sorts of silly twists on the original story, lots of humor and meta jokes, a very casual tone, and a fun way of interacting with the reader. There are also lots of potential endings to find that span all sorts of genres.
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Real Vampires Don’t Sparkle (Real Vampires Don’t Sparkle Series) by Amy Fecteau

A m/m urban fantasy / paranormal romance about vampires! Fair warning, this one gets really dark at times. But if you’re ok with that, there’s also a lot of humor throughout the series, making for an interesting juxtaposition.
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The ABCs of Spellcraft Collection Vol. 1Yagi the Bookshop Goat by Fumi FurukawaA Villain for Christmas by Alice WintersSex Criminals Vol. 1 (Sex Criminals Series) by Matt Fraction & Chip ZdarskyThe Dichotomy of Angels by N.R. Walker

The ABCs of Spellcraft Collection Vol. 1 (The ABCs of Spellcraft Series) by Jordan Castillo Price

A m/m low or urban fantasy (minus the action some people may associate with the genre) series about magic! Also an adorable couple. These are less laugh-out-loud, more fun and silly and a wonderful distraction from the stresses of real life. These stories are basically sitcoms, what with all the shenanigans the characters get up to. If you’re looking for something low-angst, low-stress, and unlikely to bring you down, try these. (You can also get the ebooks separately, as opposed to the collected volume audiobooks.)
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Yagi the Bookshop Goat by Fumi Furukawa

A boys love manga about animal people! (Not furries though, pretty much just animal ears, and in some cases, some of their traits, like the main character who likes to eat books because he’s a goat.) This is a funny and adorable little romance, and the characters are cute.
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A Villain for Christmas by Alice Winters

A m/m superhero romance! Don’t worry about the time of year, it’s not actually all that Christmassy. It’s just a great story with superheroes, a nice romance, and some fun, silly humor.
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Sex Criminals Vol. 1 (Sex Criminals Series) by Matt Fraction & Chip Zdarsky

A graphic novel series about people who can stop time when they orgasm! I admittedly stopped reading this series after a few volumes, it got less funny for me, but the first volume is still absolutely hilarious at times, and maybe you’ll find you enjoy the turns the series takes as it goes on more than I did.
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The Dichotomy of Angels by N.R. Walker

A m/m romance between angels! This one had a few scenes that made me laugh and was overall just very funny and cute and sweet.
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More Recommendations!

It has occurred to me after writing this whole post that I did a similar post back in 2016, but that was six years ago, and current me can no longer vouch for all those books or how heavy/serious/sad they get since I don’t remember much about some of them. (Well, I know lots of characters die in Saga, so don’t read that one if you’re looking for happiness.) But it’s got some different books, as well as some funny quotes, so you can check that out too if you want more suggestions! Here’s the link: Top Ten Books to Read If You’re in the Mood to Laugh


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  1. Greg

    Good grief do we need some laughter or what? I love series that make you laugh so hard your stomach hurts. Is it me or do we laugh less as we get older? I like SF that leans into the humorous as well.

    I think I remember you talking about the Sparkle series too

  2. Jessica

    The book I’m reading right now is a little bit funny. It’s called A Door Into Evermoor by Kent Wayne. It’s about a guy who goes into a fantasy world that is like D&D. Kent Wayne also wrote another fantasy book called Kor’Thank: Barbarian Valley Girl. It’s funny too.

  3. Suz

    Looking at the covers on these books, some of them look like they’d be funny, but some look quite serious. I mean, looking at the cover of Steal the Light, I wouldn’t have said it was going to be the kind of book that makes you laugh until your side hurt. I may have to check that one out, just to see.
    I could do with a good laugh right now.