Bookish News: 2022 Queer SFF Books I’m Excited For (Part 2)


At the beginning of the year, I made a blog post about upcoming queer sci-fi/fantasy books I was excited for, but I only included books set to release in the first half the year. I figured there’d be more I’d learn about later in the year, and what a shame that they wouldn’t get to be on lists since they just weren’t announced yet. So here we are, Part 2!

Once again, there are so many books I wanted to include, but I’ve chosen ten to keep the post from being overwhelming. Also, I’ve again stuck to standalones and first-in-series books, though they’re mostly adult this time. But hopefully you all will find some great new books to look forward to with me!

*I will continue to update the post to add links to my reviews for some of these books.*

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The Promise of Lost Things by Helene DunbarFool Without a Master by Shelley CrowleyAugust Kitko and the Mechas from Space by Alex WhiteSilver Under Nightfall by Rin ChupecoFelix Silver, Teaspoons & Witches by Harry Cook

The Promise of Lost Things by Helene Dunbar

“A town filled with mediums,” some sinister governing body, the inevitable betrayal of one character using another character for their own gain only to then fall in love with them. Sounds mysterious and interesting, and I like the promise of that angst in the relationship (though I don’t know yet if it actually becomes a romance between the two guys or not).
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Fool Without a Master by Shelley Crowley

The story of a character’s life—one who seems like he’ll be pretty interesting and full of personality—with a bit of forbidden m/m romance between a jester and a prince (in what I believe is a fantasy world). Sounds like it’ll be really character-focused, which is my kinda thing!
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August Kitko and the Mechas from Space by Alex White

This one sounds pretty wild, what with giant robots wanting to destroy the Earth, humans piloting and working with some of the robots who want to save them, a jazz pianist and nonbinary rockstar as main characters, and maybe a bit of romance? Lots of fighting and music and I guess I’ll find out what else when I read it!
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Silver Under Nightfall by Rin Chupeco

As soon as I saw this was a triad romance (or something like that) in a fantasy world between a human who hunts vampires and a vampire couple, I was sold!
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Felix Silver, Teaspoons & Witches by Harry Cook

This is one of the only YA books I could find, and it’s about a teen who starts developing magic and goes to live with his grandma to learn and also tries to solve a mystery with his new friends and crush. Those are all fun ideas, so I think it’ll be cute!
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A Strange and Stubborn Endurance by Foz MeadowsSilk Fire by Zabe EllorThe Language of Dead Flowers by Charlotte Amelia PoeStolen Token by Felix J. LeonReforged by Seth Hadden

A Strange and Stubborn Endurance by Foz Meadows

High fantasy m/m (slow-burn?) romance that starts as a political marriage but turns into real love. Yes, please, gimme those sweet, sweet actually-falling-for-each-other feels!
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Silk Fire by Zabe Ellor

Another polyamory book, one person with two partners rather than a triad, but still, I’m here for it! This time about a main character with dragon abilities, set in a world that mixes magic, technology, necromancers, dragons, and dinosaurs. It sounds like a lot, but I’m intrigued!
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The Language of Dead Flowers by Charlotte Amelia Poe

A nonbinary (neurodivergent?) necromancer, a murder/reanimation mystery to solve, and a romance with a freckled boy! Sounds like my kinda book!
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Stolen Token by Felix J. Leon

Romance with a (nonbinary?) divine envoy part-peacock character. What can I say, the part-peacock thing has me intrigued, as does the whole idea of the divine envoys!
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Reforged by Seth Hadden

This sounds like a sort of second chance romance between a prince-suddenly-turned-king and the paladin sworn to protect him. I love second chance romance, especially when the characters have to rebuild trust and all that, and having all of it amidst danger and political assassinations to up the tension sounds even better!
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* * *

Ok, ok, fine, I don’t have the energy to do all the covers and links (some don’t even have covers or links yet), but a few more books I’m looking forward to include A Tempest for Tea by Hafsah Faizal (a heist to save a tea room that’s actually a front for a vampire blood house), Bite Your Neighbor by D.N. Bryn (gay vampire romance), A Curse of Illusions by Vivian Sader (illusion magic, deception, political machinations, f/f romance // Amazon), Whisper of Shadows and Snakes by J.S. Burns (magic, shape shifting, secret school, feelings for a mysterious boy // Amazon), and The Delve by Dan Fitzgerald (which he describes as “smutty romantic dungeon fantasy”).

I also put out a call on Twitter for upcoming indie/self-pub books and got a bunch of responses (some of which I’m excited for even if I didn’t include them here, some of which may not be for me but will be perfect for other readers), so here’s a link to check out those responses if you want more books!


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  1. Roberta R.

    August Kitko is more of a sci-fi book than you usually read, but from the first 100 pages, I think the romance is going to be a huge feat (the two main characters had a fling, but then music and fate – in the guise of giant robots – conspired to get them together 😂). It’s also the first book in a trilogy, but I snuck a peak at the last pages (even if I DNF it), and there doesn’t seem to be a cliffhanger at least…