Bookish Musings: 3 Book & Song Match-Ups (3)


Yep, it’s another book and song match-up post! What can I say? I like doing these. Books and music go great together. They’ve both got the meanings and the feels and the vibes.

Once again, I happen to think these are all great books and great songs! The first song is a bit older, I have memories of it from when I was about sixteen. I really wanna use more songs that aren’t super recent in these posts because I still love a lot of the music I grew up with as a teen. Music from the 90s and 2000s. And these posts are a fun way to share some music I love that maybe everyone hasn’t already heard or just hasn’t heard in a while.

Anyway, enjoy!

Book: The Fever King by Victoria Lee
Song: “Handlebars” by Flobots


The Fever King by Victoria Lee

Why It’s Perfect:

To me, it sounds like this song is about how your perspective and accomplishments and goals change as you get older, but, even more so, the way things can spiral and how power can corrupt (or just how bad it can be for any one person to have too much power). Afterall, the song starts with him being excited about riding his bike with no handlebars and ends with him leading a holocaust. And I feel like all of those things are very relevant to this duology, which is about a teenage immigrant in a dystopian world trying to fix things, and it definitely has those elements of things spiraling and power being a dangerous thing.

Review | Goodreads | Amazon

Book: Dark Heart of the Sun by S.K. Ryder
Song: “I See You” by Missio


Dark Heart of the Sun by S.K. Ryder

Why It’s Perfect:

This song could honestly go with a lot of books, especially in the paranormal romance genre, what with all its angsty, brooding heroes. But this is the series I was reading when I discovered the song, and it does fit really well. As far as I can tell, the song is about someone who sees someone else at their lowest, sees all the emotional and mental struggles, but still sees the real them and all the good parts. In this book, the vampire character hates himself, wants someone to kill him even, because of the things he’s done, but the heroine comes along and sees all the good in him and helps him through the darkness.

Review | Goodreads | Amazon

Book: The True Bastards by Jonathan French
Song: “Nightmare” by Halsey


The True Bastards by Jonathan French

Why It’s Perfect:

I feel like this song is all about the shit women have to put up with from men and from society in general. It’s about fighting against this. It’s a very strong Girl Power song to me. And although this is the second book in a series, this one is from the POV of Fetching, a woman (well, female half-orc) and one of the most badass and strong characters I’ve ever read about. Not because she’s physically tough, but because she manages to hold her own in a man’s world where most of the men want her gone and treat her with nothing but disrespect, or worse. Because she leads and makes the tough decisions in the worst situations. Because, though she’s hardened, she never loses herself or her compassion in the process.

Side note: I LOVE this video! It’s my favorite performance of this song and the version of this song that I always listen to.

Review | Goodreads | Amazon

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Have you read any of these books?
Do you like any of these songs?
Do you ever find that a certain book will remind you of a certain song, or vice versa?


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  1. Kristina

    Ohh— i gotta say I haven’t read any of thoses, nor heard of the songs, but I like the explanation you gave.

    It’s odd because I was just thinking how my new favorite song I discovered today (Better with you, Jesse McCartney) actually went really well with the book I’ve just started (The upside of Falling, by Alex Light) right when I stumbled on this post! Ahah 😅 I gotta say i’m just picking up this song/book combo habit – been doing so the last maybe 3books i’ve finished 🙊

    1. Kristen

      Thanks! Perfect timing for you, both in finding my post and also finding that song and book at the same time! It’s fun combining books and songs XD I checked out the song, it’s nice!

  2. emily the book nerd

    I love putting songs with books! Music is huge in my life always has been… thanks for the artist discovery of MISSIO! Loving them so far. Never heard of them before. I love finding new music. If you have other music recommendations let me know.

  3. Sam @ Spines in a Line

    I love these match-ups! I hadn’t heard any of these songs before so thanks for the introduction. I love your idea of using older music for future pairings, would love to learn about more new-to-me music!