Game Reviews: 3 Cute Puzzle Games to Unwind With


I have a lot of game reviews to catch up on, so I have another 3-in-1 mini reviews post! These three have really cute and pleasant graphics, and they’re just really chill games, great for relaxing and unwinding. But they can also be quite challenging. And the types of puzzles are really unique. Hopefully you’ll enjoy them as much as I did (or still am for two of these)!

(Note, I normally mention accessibility at the end of each review, but none of these are accessible for blind or visually impaired players since they rely on sight to play, and I don’t recall any other accessibility features, so I’m not going to mention anything below.)

Cosmic Express by Draknek & Friends

Screenshot from Cosmic Express of a little dome in space with a train track weaving about connecting two doors, a cute purple alien standing on a platform, and a cute orange alien riding in a car on the track.

This is a cute and unique puzzle game! The puzzles are really challenging sometimes. Some I’ll figure out the answer immediately. Some I’ll get stuck on, but looking at it again on a different day, my brain just sees it differently and gets it right away. But there are some I’ve repeatedly gone back to and just cannot figure out. It’s ok when that happens though because there are others you can do, you’re not completely locked from moving on. The graphics are cute. The idea is cute. (Little aliens riding around in little transports!) The puzzles start to differ just a bit as you unlock new sections, creating slightly different challenges. I’ve played for 8 hours, but there are still a lot of puzzles I haven’t done. It’s a neat little game.

*Source/Cost: I got this as part of the World Land Trust bundle on*

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A Good Snowman is Hard to Build by Draknek & Friends

Screenshot from A Good Snowman is Hard to Build of a blobby black figure with arms and legs hugging a snowman wearing a graduation cap, in a cute little garden with grass and hedges and snow.

This was so cute! Both the premise and the art style were adorable. The visuals were so pleasant to look at. The puzzles were fun and challenging for me without being genuinely frustrating. It was a type of puzzle I enjoyed. It was also just really chill and relaxing. And really cute how the little player character can sit on a bench or lean against a hedge to chill. They can also kick or push the little bird baths and things, which is kinda nice when you get stuck on a puzzle and get a touch frustrated. And the cutest thing is that you can hug the snowmen! And they all have names and different clothes/accessories. There were, I believe, 25 puzzles when I played, but I don’t know if any more have been added since. It took me about 3 hours to complete. Just very cute and chill overall, and I really enjoyed this!

*Source/Cost: I got this as part of the World Land Trust bundle on*

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Spring Falls by SPARSE//GameDev

Screenshot from Spring Falls showing hexagonal blocks on a cliffside, some with grass, some holding water, and some with bright yellow flowers reaching toward the sun.

This is such a chill, stress-free puzzle game! Simplistic, but pretty. Any time I accidentally wilt a flower, I frown. But every time I win a level and make a flower bloom, I smile. The puzzles themselves are enjoyable too. I’ve only played about an hour so far, but it’s just a lovely little game.

*Source/Cost: I got this as part of the World Land Trust bundle on*

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  1. Becky@ A Fool's Ingenuity

    A Good Snowman is Hard to Build! That game enrages me and I’ve still not finished all the snowmen because I am convinced it’s not possible. I now realise you have played way more of those games from the bundle than I have and I need to play more of them.

    1. Kit (Metaphors and Moonlight)

      I think these might be the only ones I’ve tried lol. I loved the puzzles in A Good Snowman! They meshed with my brain really well. I have played other puzzles games though that I just gave up on because the puzzles didn’t click with me, so it just wasn’t fun. No sense in forcing yourself to do puzzles you’re not enjoying!

  2. Lola

    I have played Cosmic Express! I had totally forgot about that game until now, I think I only played for a little bit, I’ll have to pick it up again sometime. The other two I’ve seen around, but haven’t bought yet. Spring Falls looks so relaxing. And I like that you can hug the snowmen in that snowmen game.