Sims Shenanigans: A Compilation of Tweets about Weird Things that Have Happened in My Sims 4 Games


I’ve made multiple blog posts about The Sims 3 because that’s what I play most, and I have one about The Sims 1, and something interesting I’ve noticed is that each iteration of the game has its own unique flavor of weirdness.

I’ll be honest, I’ve become so disappointed in The Sims 4 (not that I ever loved it, but I gave it a chance) that I almost didn’t want to do this post, because this sort of gives it more promotion. But there have still been some things I’ve found or that have happened while playing that have made me laugh, and it seemed a waste not to share them.

So here are some of the weird and funny things that have happened in my Sims 4 games!

Shout Flirting

Multitasking Gone Wrong (or Right?)


Art Heist

Proved Me Wrong



(I looked it up, and it turns out this was from a promotional pop-up thing, and one of the choices was, “OK,” but I guess somehow it glitched and turned into a loading screen, and the team just decided to leave it? I’ll admit I’m glad they did, I like the ominous strangeness of it when you first see it without knowing.)

It’s 5 o’clock somewhere

(This is the one in the featured image. Yes, he was also naked at the time lol.)

The Secret Kinky Side of the Bjergsens

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  1. Roberta R.

    I like it how you tell them to do something and they immediately oblige 😂. Also, the shout-flirting…and the trash can LOL. And the Simception! 😂

    Why are you disappointed in the game on the whole though?

    1. Kit (Metaphors and Moonlight)

      They oblige a little too immediately sometimes!

      You don’t wanna open that can of worms lol. I could talk about that for an hour. Basically it boils down to crappy gameplay, giving very little content for what it costs, and the way it feels like every game is the same and every sim I play is in The Truman Show with everything just weirdly revolving around them instead of feeling like an organic world my sim is a part of. Those are my reasons. I know a lot of simmers are disappointed and upset with the game for their own reasons too, like how a lot of the packs don’t even work right.