Sims Shenanigans: A Compilation of Tweets about Weird Things that Have Happened in My Sims Medieval Games


The title is selling this post a little bit short because it’s not just tweets about weird things, it’s also cute things and a bit of rambling and some extra picture to boot! The Sims Medieval is a great game, and I just wanna talk about it.

I didn’t know what to expect when I started playing this one, since it’s different from the main games. You create sims to fill roles within the kingdom (monarch, doctor, spy, bard, mage, blacksmith, knight, etc.), you choose three traits, one of which is negative, and then you use the sims to complete quests, which get scores that affect the kingdom overall, which helps you accomplish bigger goals and unlock things. There’s less focus on little everyday things, there’s not much for sims to do besides work and complete tasks for the quest, but you can still have relationships and do whatever you want.

Where it really shines though is that it’s such a charming, lively, visually beautiful game with so much personality! They really went all out with the vibes and details. I’ve had a lot of fun playing, as you’ll see below πŸ™‚

Just a funny update, my king is still broke and still trying to get enough money to decorate his throne room, and the rest of his castle. But they’re currently in the middle of a war, so he has to keep up appearances, can’t let the other factions know he has no money. So it all goes to his throne room, and his living quarters are basically a hovel.

Anyway… The world is beautiful. The outfits are so detailed and old-timey and fun! Sims themselves have a lovely skin texture. There’s always so much stuff happening, sims everywhere, talking, sword fighting, brawling, trading goods, gambling, singing, romancing, working. The world feels so alive. I think the purple dusk is a mod, but here are some more pictures, just because I love how cute everything is!

a knight looking regal while standing at a strategy table, looking at the pieces on the map, the wall behind him cutaway to show a beautiful landscape with some houses, the town walls, and then ocean and coastline.

a woman riding a giant tentacle-looking thing stick up out of a hold in the ground with a scary clawed and tooth-filled mouth at the end.

close up showing the realistic skin texture on a male sim with medium brown skin, black hair in a ponytail at his neck, and a neat black mustache and beard.

the outside of a church with stained glass windows and a courtyard with a fountain.

a priest giving a sermon in a simple but pretty room with stone walls and statues, people sitting in pews.

the doctor treating a patient lying down on a wood contraption that look more like a torture device than an exam table.

two robed mage sims casting magic in a room full of books and trinkets, the magic swirling around them.

zoomed out to show a river winding through green hills, with lots of rocks, bushes, and trees, and a windmill and Medieval buildings a little ways off.

zoomed out to show a building with lots of pointy turrets on a cliff, the ocean and purple sky of dusk behind it.

zoomed out to show the ocean at night, pirate ships in the distance, stars in the sky.


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  1. Greg

    How did I not know about SIMS Medieval?? I like the idea of a bird king. Imagine a throne room full of parrots! The river shot is pretty too. The stained glass windows, and that last shot too with the nighttime scene.