Cover Characteristics: Book Cover featuring Suitcases

Isn't it funny how certain objects and topics are more common in certain genres? It seems that most book covers with suitcases and purses are chick lit and contemporary. Occasionally they're hopeful, inspiring, touching stories about a man's life and/or marriage going down the drain and how he changes as he picks himself back up in a genre that I'm not sure of (seriously, this describes two of my five choices).

Anyway, all my choices ended up being suitcases, not purses, but here they are!

Cover Characteristics is a weekly meme hosted at Sugar & Snark. This week’s topic is:

Books Covers featuring Suitcases/Purses

Suitcase City by Sterling Watson | books, reading, book covers
Single in the City by Michele Gorman | books, reading, book covers
In Between by Jenny B. Jones | books, reading, book covers
Vacation by Deb Olin Unferth | books, reading, book covers
The Man With the Green Suitcase by Dee Doanes | books, reading, book covers

The Man with the Green Suitcase cover ruined the whole light, colorful, chick lit vibe I had going on, but I like it, and I like that it’s a fantasy book because that’s what I read but also because it goes to show how, despite what I said above, almost anything can be incorporated into any genre–it’s just about how you use it.

I kinda wanna say The Man with the Green Suitcase is my favorite (not to mention I want to read it now), but I also really like the crazy, flowery thing going on with Vacation and the bright, simplicity of Single in the City.

I actually managed to follow the rules this week though and choose only five covers! Plus I found a book about vampires running an undead hotel which was like, whaaaaat? So of course I downloaded it. I like free stuff. And vampires. And weird shit.


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