Cover Characteristics: Book Covers featuring Forests


Heyyyy, look what’s back! Well, kinda. I don’t really do these posts anymore, but I still have some in the drafts, and it’d be a waste not to share them. Especially when the covers are as gorgeous as these! So anyway, as you’ve probably figured out, this time I decided to go with book covers featuring forests.

*Book covers are affiliate links to Amazon. They might not be for every future cover characteristics post, but this was already all set up.*

Forest Born by Shannon HaleWilla of the Wood by Robert BeattyThe Waking Forest by Alyssa WeesCloaked in Shadow by Ben AldersonStolen Enchantress by Amber ArgyleRobber Girl by S.T. GibsonSilver in the Wood by Emily TeshForeign to You by Jeremy MartinThe Lost Coast by Amy Rose CapettaThe Reign of the Departed by Greg Keyes


Some are more forest-y than others, but I tried to choose covers that really did highlight the forest element or use it well. The Reign of the Departed is one of the less forest-y ones, but that is one of my all-time favorite covers, so I couldn’t resist a chance to show it!

I don’t know about other people, but I tend to think “green” when I think of forests, so I love how there’s actually such a wide array of colors on these covers!

Also, just a little side note, I’ve only read two of the books shown above, one of which was Silver in the Wood [my review], and I very much recommend the audiobook! It felt like I was being read a bedtime story and was oddly soothing and overall just lovely.


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  1. Greg

    I like Forest Born a lot and Enchantress is nice as well.

    I’ve been thinking or resurrecting some of my older CC posts too. Fun.

    1. Kristen

      Those two have a similar vibe and are both very cool!

      Yeah, it was fun sharing covers. I just don’t browse around online looking at books as much as I used to, and these posts are a lot of work for me.