Cover Characteristics: Book Covers featuring Water

So this week's topic is water.

Water? WATER? WATER???

Do you even know what this topic did to me?! There are even more book covers with water than there are with keys! There are covers with boats and mermaids and beaches and storms and my poor indecision-addled mind couldn't take it! Then I got all perfectionist about how cool it was that they were almost all blue, but the shades of blue didn't match, and one of them doesn't even have blue so it's ruining the matchiness, and--

Yeah, my mind is a weird place to be lol. But eventually I managed to figure it out and make the post before I got in too deep--pun intended :-P

Cover Characteristics is a weekly meme hosted at Sugar & Snark. This week’s topic is:

Books Covers featuring Water

Born of Water by Autumn M. Birt | books, reading, book covers
Deep Blue Eternity by Natasha Boyd | books, reading, book covers
The Sea Queen by Jovee Winters | books, reading, book covers
The Mind Thieves by Lori Brighton | books, reading, book covers
Riot of Storm and Smoke by Jennifer Ellison | books, reading, book covers
Sea Storm by Laverne Thompson | books, reading, book covers
Nocte by Courtney Cole | books, reading, book covers
Verum by Courtney Cole | books, reading, book covers
Lux by Courtney Cole | books, reading, book covers
Immutable by Cidney Swanson | books, reading, book covers

After I managed to calm down from my panic about so many choices, I ended up going with all three Nocte Trilogy books because I read that series and have always liked the covers. I also have Born of Water, the first book that goes with The Mind Thieves, and the first book that goes with Immutable. (Born of Water, Rippler, and The Mind Readers were all free ebooks on Amazon last I checked, so they might still be.) And The Sea Queen has been on my TBR for a while… mostly because of the cover lol. So some of those were obvious choices. The rest I just stumbled upon.

But WOW. Apparently, if you want a pretty cover, you should just use water because I don’t think I found a single one that wasn’t pretty!


Talk to me!

Which book cover with water is YOUR favorite?


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  1. shannonmiz

    I LOVE water covers. SO much. Almost as much as space covers. I think the Nocte series has some of the most gorgeous covers ever- not just water covers, but in general! I think Verum may be my favorite but Lux is so pretty, I can’t decide! This also reminds me that I still need to READ Verum! Great choices, this is so fun!

    1. Kristen Burns

      Right, isn’t water so pretty?! I agree that I’ve always loved the Nocte covers, but don’t get me started on the content of Verum. I have mixed feelings and really need this last book to make my decision. I’m considering posting a review for both books soon seeing as Lux is *supposed* to be coming out soon!

  2. Clare Stone

    There are so many pretty water covers! It was definitely a struggle to get my list shorter! You have some on there that I really need to read! Thanks for visiting our blog

    1. Kristen Burns

      I really need to read some of these, too! This meme always ends up either adding to my TBR or making me feel about it 😛

    1. Kristen Burns

      I feel like I should’ve seen that coming, but I so just laughed out loud at your pun lol! Thanks 🙂