Book Review: A Wish Upon the Stars (Tales from Verania Book 4) by TJ Klune

Sam has done what was asked of him and spent nearly a year learning magic from the Great White, and now it's time for him to return and do his best to defeat Myrin. But a lot has changed during his absence, and he and his friends will have to come together and rely on each other if they're going to win.

Book Review: A WIsh Upon the Stars (Tales from Verania Book 4) by TJ Klune | reading, books, book reviews, high fantasy, lgbt+
Title: A Wish Upon the Stars
Book Number: Book 4
Pages: 450
My Rating: 3.5 Stars
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*I received an ecopy of this book from the publisher. This has not influenced my review.*

One of the best things about this series is the humor. Everyone talks and acts like they’re Tumblr incarnate, including bad guys, grumpy old wizards, dragons, unicorns, and random townsfolk, but it’s funny and really just part of the premise that you either have to accept or not.

Another one of the best things about this series is all the adorable, loving relationships of all kinds that make you smile and feel fuzzy.

That being said, I think this final book had too much of both those things. There was an overabundance of mushy conversations and heart-to-hearts and inner monologues about love and friendship and family and home in this book, so much of it that it got redundant, especially when there was also so much of it in the last book. And between that and all the silly scenes of Sam’s distracted rambling, Gary talking about how amazing he (Gary) is, Kevin inappropriately hitting on everyone, Ryan trying to fight everyone he thinks is interesting in Sam, and Justin muttering about how he can’t believe this is his life… not very much actually happened. By 70%, all that had happened plot-wise was Sam getting back home and a small group going on a brief, fairly simple rescue mission. I might be smote by other fans for saying this, but this was my least favorite book in the series because of how slow and repetitive it felt.

BUT it was still a fun, funny, mostly lighthearted book that cracked me up at times, and it did bring a sufficient close to Sam’s whole destiny arc. And it had touching moments. And dragons. And a play about Gary’s stolen horn. And a battle between wizards. And best friends 5eva. And love.

And it’s not entirely over! In the author’s note at the end, Klune mentioned he’ll probably be returning to the series to write from Justin’s POV, and I will be very excited for that book because Justin was a great character I felt sympathy for from the start and who grew over the series.

Overall though, Sam’s story was a fun and touching one that I enjoyed reading.


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  1. Greg

    Ooh nice cover. A pissed off unicorn can’t be all bad either! You know I don’t usually like it when modern humor is used in fantasy, but if it’s kind of a whimsical story anyway sometimes it works! Sounds like one of those. There’s definitely a place for more humorous fantasy I think! And dragons- naturally!

    Sounds like the author defintiely had fun writing the interpersonal relationships too, given the fact that they seemed to dominate the story.

    1. Kristen Burns

      Gary’s… quite an interesting unicorn lol. I think the only reason the modern humor works is because it doesn’t try to blend in or be anything other than what it is. It’s just blatantly modern, and the whole story is just kind of absurd and whimsical.

      There was a note at the end of the book, I think it was, in which he talked about how he started writing this because he needed something light and some characters to have fun with. So yes, that definitely came through!

  2. Stephanie Jane

    It’s a tricky balancing act to show characters’ emotions and relationships without going overboard on the deep conversations. It sounds like this book hasn’t quite got it right. A shame not to finish on a high.

  3. Danya @ Fine Print

    This kind of sounds like romance fluff meets fantasy, which I’m totally here for. I think I’d laugh at the Tumblr-ness of it all, or at least I hope I would! Best friends 5eva is always a plus, but I’m a bit leery of long, slow-moving books these days. Lately I’ve had the attention span of a goldfish.

    1. Kristen Burns

      That is pretty much exactly what it is lol. The Tumblr-ness is fun! So are the best friends 5eva lol. It didn’t feel long though, and it was still entertaining, I just thought there wasn’t a whole lot actually happening in this one.

  4. Daniela Ark

    me: AWWWW look at that title! sweet!!! stars ! stars are always cool!
    me: AWWWWW look at that cover so preeeettyyyy
    also me: oh oh is that a dragon? is this a High fantasy??? [tsk tsk]

  5. Kimberly @ Caffeinated Reviewer

    The series itself sounds cool. Last books are always so hard and the ones I dread the most. I cannot tell you how many third books in trilogies especially YA I have unread on my bookshelf and the sad thing is, I’ve come to the realization I will probably never read them. The supernatural creatures and Tumblr talk have me curious. Great review!

    1. Kristen Burns

      It was a fun series ๐Ÿ™‚ I actually don’t dread last books the way I know a lot of readers do. I’m usually happy with how things end. And I mean, I was happy with how things ended in this one, I just thought the book just had a lot of fluff without a lot actually happening for a while. Thanks!

  6. Birdie Bookworm

    You’re saying Sam ‘monologued’?? He’d have a stroke! ๐Ÿ˜€

    I’m excited for a story focused on Justin too. Especially his internal thoughts on his Best Friend 5eva!

    1. Kristen Burns

      Noooo, he rambled. Totally different ๐Ÿ˜‰

      Seriously, Justin’s parts were my favorite in this book, I love how he actually came to respect and care about Sam <3

  7. Olivia-Savannah Roach

    I love my humor and heart-to-heart moments. But I get what you mean about the book. If it is too much it can seem overdone or a little bit too cheesy. A balance is sort of what I need in the end.