Book Review: All Souls Near & Nigh (Soulbound Book 2) by Hailey Turner

After only a brief break, Patrick gets a case about werecreatures turning up dead, and unfortunately the gods are involved once again, including some Patrick hasn't yet met. Patrick also makes a deal with Lucien to take down another vampire in order to erase the debt he owes him. And throughout it all, Patrick and Jono are trying to figure how to work together in their brand new relationship.

Book Review: All Souls Near & Nigh (Soulbound Book 2) by Hailey Turner | reading, books, book reviews, urban fantasy, lgbt+, m/m
Title: All Souls Near & Nigh
Book Number: Book 2
Pages: 374
My Rating: 4 Stars
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This was another great, enjoyable, well-written urban fantasy book! And this one even had more intensity and emotion than the first.

The characterization was great again. I love that the characters are not perfect (e.g. Patrick’s smoking and drinking and the way he keeps his thoughts and emotions and info close to the vest, Jono’s temper when dealing with people he doesn’t like) but are still so likeable.

Side note: Lucien and Carmen are absolutely terrible, and I want a book about them. Total power couple.

I liked that Patrick and Jono’s relationship clearly had genuine care and devotion (I have such a weakness for those scenes when a character helps their unwell partner wash in the shower while their own fully clothed body gets soaking wet), but it wasn’t perfect either. You don’t often get to see relationship struggles in books once the characters are together. But they were still learning to deal with each other. Patrick especially had a hard time remembering and understanding that he’s not alone anymore, so he doesn’t have to do everything alone, and also that his actions now affect Jono as well as himself.

Actually, I just like how nothing was perfect or too easy. The world in this book is realistically harsh. I wouldn’t call the books dark, but there are murders and fights, and the author doesn’t prettify or romanticize those things, and this one especially had the characters going through some tough stuff that really made me feel for them. Even the little things, like how Marek gets bad headaches every time the gods use his body, add to the harsh realism.

But there are sweet things too, like the relationship between the men, the friendships that are like family, the way Jono is so protective of his pack and those he cares about and even random werecreatures he’s never met. There was also a new character brought into this one, and I loved how protective both Jono and Patrick were of the teen.

Overall, another book with lovable characters and a gripping plot that easily kept my attention throughout and that I seriously enjoyed!


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  1. Greg

    That’s a good point, so often we don’t see relationship struggles AFTER two people are together, it always seems to be the GETTING together where all the angst is haha (I mean, not always, but you know- a lot)! Sounds like an interesting take here. And I like it when urban fantasy is a bit gritty- it just seems more realistic to me that way, I guess.

    Glad this was good!

  2. Cee Arr

    The shower scene is a fave in fanfiction! Especially Stucky, for some reason. Like, is there something about Bucky Barnes and/or Sebastian Stan that suggests he needs to be washed…?

    …OK, I just read that through, and the obviousness of that statement hit me. I’m totally in favour of washing Bucky Barnes and/or Sebastian Stan in any and all situations*! 😉

    *consensually, ofc.