Book Review: Allegiant (Divergent Trilogy Book 3) by Veronica Roth

The truth has finally been exposed, but even that can't change the damage that's been done inside Tris's society, and things are just as dangerous and tense as they were before. But when Tris, Four, and their friends find out there's even more to the truth than they could've guessed, they know they have to do something about it, and their strength, loyalty, and love is put to the final test.

3 Star Book Review: Allegiant (Divergent Trilogy Book 3) by Veronica Roth | books, book reviews, sci-fi, dystopian, YA
Title: Allegiant
Book Number: Book 3 of 3
Pages: 545
My Rating: 3 Stars


It only took two and a half books, but I finally became interested in the story! I finally found Tris more likeable this time. *MAJOR SPOILER ALERT* Figures I’d find her likeable just in time for her to die -_- *END SPOILER ALERT* She was finally less focused on strength and weakness and more focused on trying to do the right thing. She made good decisions even when they were hard decisions, and I respect that. She also handled her relationship, and its problems, with maturity I rarely see in adult books let alone YA ones. In fact, she handled everything maturely, and it made her more relatable to me.

It was Tobias, though, who really hooked me. I have this really specific character type that draws me in, not just the tortured hero but broken characters who teeter on the edge of darkness and are not always good or even likeable to other people, who struggle with their insecurity and sometimes let it get the best of them. He was literally described in this book as “obsessive, explosive, insecure,” so you can probably understand why his character was definitely something I liked about the book.

The plot was the same pace as the others though, so I still found it slow, but it shouldn’t be a problem for anyone who liked the pacing in the other books.

As for the ending, part of feels like it was unnecessary, but part of me gets it. So I don’t fault the book for that. (And, amazingly, it wasn’t spoiled for me. Apparently a lot of people have had that problem, so I guess I was lucky.)

Clearly it wasn’t my favorite series, but I’m still glad I read it all the same.


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