Book Review: As Shadows Fade (The Gardella Vampire Hunters Book 5) by Colleen Gleason

Victoria may be struggling with matters of the heart, but she has a job to do as a Gardella, and the demons that have found their way to earth through a portal are proving to be a much bigger problem than any vampire. The Venators will have to strike a deal with the one vampire they hate most if they want to succeed, and both Max and Sebastian will have difficult choices to make.

Book Review: As Shadows Fade (The Gardella Vampire Hunters Book 5) by Colleen Gleason | reading, books, book reviews, fantasy, historical fantasy, urban fantasy, paranormal romance, vampires
Title: As Shadows Fade
Book Number: Book 5
Pages: 296
My Rating: 4 Stars
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This was the final book in Victoria’s story, and it was a solid ending to a consistently great series. Much like the others, it kept me hooked, and it had complex characters, complicated relationships, some emotion, some hot yet not-too-graphic sex scenes, great writing, and lots of funny snark and sarcasm. In fact, I think this one may have even been funnier than the others since both Victoria kept cracking me up with her witty snark and Max with his exasperation at everything.

Seriously, I loved Victoria. She has became one of my absolute favorite female characters, and she’s one of those characters who knows what she wants and just makes it happen. It also seemed like we got a little more of Max’s and Sebastian’s POVs this time, which I enjoyed. It was great getting to see a whole different side to Sebastian in the fourth and fifth books.

It was also nice getting to see the Venators in general have a little bit of fun in this one when they went out drinking because the characters in these books seemed to have really serious and stressful lives.

Things did get a little more predictable this time, but then maybe I was just spoiled since all the other books were so unpredictable. And there was still one surprise in store this time!

The ending was bittersweet, and I felt terrible for one of the characters, but I was still happy with it, especially the sweet part. And the bitter part is apparently going to be addressed in the spin-off series and had a point to it.

Overall, this was a consistently great series with complex characters and relationships that I was gladly sucked into!


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  1. Greg

    Ooh more Gleason! Every once in a while I remember that I still need to finish her Stoker & Holmes series, and maybe try these as well. I actually like her writing. Nice that this one ended well, and yay for spin offs!

  2. Olivia-Savannah Roach

    I love when characters get downtime and are able to have some fun as well. But not too much so that the plot of the storyline gets forgotten? Like when readimg ACOMAF I wish they had a bit less downtime. I am so glad you were able to really love Victoria a lot! I think that she sounds amazing. Oh, and I think that this finale sounds epic. Humor, action and brilliant characters to boot.

    1. Kristen Burns

      Yeah, going too far with too much downtime seems like it wouldn’t be good either. Thanks! She was such an awesome character, and I loved the humor in these books!

  3. Jessica

    Another vampire hunter book series is the Anita Blake book series. They are erotica books, but they are pretty good. I will try out Colleen’s book series sometime. Right now I’m listening to the fourth book of the Harry Potter book series.