Book Review: Bind the Soul (Steel & Stone Book 2) by Annette Marie

Ash is missing, Samael is eager to wield the power of the Sahar, and Piper doesn't know who to trust or turn to. What she does know is that she's willing to do whatever it takes to both save Ash and keep the world safe from Samael and the Sahar. But when she gets brought to the Underworld, she finds out just how cruel Samael can be and just how far she'll go to save those she cares about.

4.5 Star Book Review: Bind the Soul (Steel & Stone Book 2) by Annette Marie | books, reading, book reviews, fantasy, urban fantasy, YA
Title: Bind the Soul
Book Number: Book 2 of 5
Pages: 302
My Rating: 4.5 Stars
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Another amazing book in the series!

What I loved most was that this one was filled with so much intensity, even more than the first. And the emotional parts were phenomenal. Something always gets me about seeing strong male characters, especially one as seemingly unbreakable as Ash, weak and broken. But something also gets me about really sweet, tender moments, so this book had my emotions all over the place.

Everything I loved about the first book was also just as strong in this one. The plot was solid and flowed organically. I was constantly wondering what would happen but was never confused about what/how/why things were happening. My love for Ash as a character grew as I got to see more of his emotional intensity, strength, and caring. Granted he didn’t make an appearance right away, but the presence he had once he was in the novel more than made up for that. Piper also did not disappoint. Lyre didn’t have a huge role, but he was there for part of the book, as well as some new characters. And the writing style was, once again, beautiful.

It was a great second book in the series that had me just as hooked as the first!


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