Book Review: Black Sky Morning (Mind + Machine Book 3) by Hanna Dare

Bounty hunter Xin has found the location of a lost planet, but he needs help, so he asks Jonathan, a government agent he's worked with before. When the two get stranded in the wilderness of a foreign planet together, it brings them closer than they ever imagined.

Book Cover - Black Sky Morning by Hanna Dare
Title: Black Sky Morning
Book Number: Book 3
Pages: 223
My Rating: 4 Stars
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This was definitely my favorite of the series! Each book in this series has been a little bit better than the last, and as much as I liked Sebastian, in my opinion, this one had the most interesting and three-dimensional characters yet, as well as the deepest and most believable romance.

Jonathan was an upstanding, noble man who wanted to do good but was struggling with depression or a kind of existential crisis. Xin was a flirty, playful bounty hunter who liked having fun but always pushed people away to keep himself from getting hurt. And these two were so good together. I seriously loved these two together. The sex, with its hint of dominance and submission, was scorching hot, but I felt a deeper connection between them beyond the sex, too. I also love me a good stranded story, and getting to see the two of them spend so much time together, relying on each other, getting to know who each other really is, dealing with dangerous situations together, opening up to each other, made their romance all the better.

In the end, everything in the series was nicely wrapped up. This was an enjoyable series filled with space adventures and sweet romance, and when I finished, I was left with nothing but happy, warm feelings about these characters!

*Even though each book in this series focuses on different characters and functions as a standalone, I recommend reading them in order, or you might be lost in regards to the world and character/relationship backgrounds.*

*Rating: 4 Stars // Read Date: 2021 // Format: Ebook via TTS*


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  1. Becky @ A Fool's Ingenuity

    It sounds like the author really settled into things as the series progressed. I usually find that with series like this where each book focuses on different characters, the first one is always spent setting things up so never feels as strong as the second and so on. I do like the sound of these characters and I can definitely see myself enjoying this book, I’ll have to get around to checking out the series… eventually.