Book Review: Deadgirl: Ghostlight (The Deadgirl Saga Book 2) by B.C. Johnson

Lucy has spent her summer trying to move on from the events of the first book and trying to figure out to live as a phantom without hurting anyone. But between a gang of serial killers, a wraith, friendship troubles, dating, and becoming a veritable superhero team with a fellow supernatural, Lucy realizes her newfound phantom problems are far from over.

Book Review: Deadgirl: Ghostlight (The Deadgirl Saga Book 2) by B.C. Johnson | books, reading, book covers, book reviews, fantasy, urban fantasy, young adult
Title: Deadgirl: Ghostlight
Book Number: Book 2 of TBA
My Rating: 4 Stars
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*I received a free ecopy of this book from the publisher in exchange for an honest review.*

In my review of the first book in the series, I mentioned how I was bothered by the jealousy, the vanity, the high school drama, etc. But the great thing about this book was, even though those things were still there, they seemed to be in lesser quantities, and they just kind of faded out of my mind at some point as I got sucked into the story.

This book was more intense and emotional than the first, and even the high school drama got emotional enough for me to get into it. My high school self was also able to relate to Lucy a little better this time, and I really felt for her, especially about certain things she had to deal with. I also felt that she handled things really maturely. And though I still didn’t quite connect to Lucy’s personality, I clicked a little better with her sense of humor and sometimes found myself cracking up at her thoughts.

There were also lots of crazy twists. Some of them were a little coincidental (though I was able to accept them for the sake of the story), but some of them were great. There was even one that kind of messed with my mind a bit and one that would have me absolutely terrified if I were Lucy! It should make for some interesting stuff in the next book. I’m also looking forward to seeing the impact the ending will have, and I’m glad Lucy made that decision since it’s something you don’t see a lot of in YA books *MILD SPOILER ALERT* (parents knowing about and being involved in the supernatural problems of the teens) *END SPOILER ALERT*.

Overall, this book was more of a thriller/mystery than the first book, mixed with some of the usual YA stuff like dating, school, rocky friendships, etc., but it worked and really sucked me in!


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  1. Lola

    I received an e-mail notification of this post, so it seems you fixed it and it’s sending out reviews now as well 🙂

    That’s good to hear the high school drama is less int his book and faded out of your mind. I like it when character mature when a series continues, it’s always interesting to see them change. And I am curious what the decision is that Lucy makes and you mention it isn’t something you see often in YA. It can be nice when the author takes a risk and does something that’s unusual for the genre/ age category.

    I haven’t read this series, but I do remember your review of book 2 and I am glad you enjoyed this one even more than the first book. It’s always interesting to see series which start out okay get better as they progress. Oh and yes I like books with lots of twists. A predictable book is good as well if it can keep my attention (romances usually are predictable but still fun), but I also like twists, especially in mysteries or fantasy/sci-fi books.

    1. Kristen Burns

      Yay! All thanks to you, since it was an easy problem to fix, but I wouldn’t have known it needed fixing if you hadn’t mentioned it.

      If you’re that curious about the ending, you can click the spoiler tag. I promise it doesn’t actually spoil any of the story, I just like to be extra careful in my reviews. But yeah, I did enjoy this one more than the first, and it was definitely nice having the teenage stuff be more realistic and relatable.

      I agree, predictable books can be good when they’re still well written, but twists can also be fun!

      1. Lola

        I am glad I could help by pointing it out.

        Oh good to know it isn’t a big spoiler. I clicked the tag and I agree that’s interesting and a direction not many books take, especially not in YA.

  2. Greg

    It sounds like there’s a lot going on in this one. Always nice when the humor works too. 🙂 I seriously think clicking w/a POV’s sense of humor can increase my enjoyment of a story. It just makes the MC more relatable. I love the crazy twists too, especially when you don’t see them coming.

    I do like to be freaked out if it’s a thriller/ scary type of read. And the spoiler sounds interesting (yeah I clicked) you’re right YA doesn’t always have that kinda thing.

    1. Kristen Burns

      Actually there kind of was a lot going on in this one now that I think about it, but in a good way. And definitely, about the humor thing. When the humor doesn’t click with you, it just gets annoying. But if you’re laughing your way through a book, then you’re gonna end up liking it.

      I wasn’t exactly freaked out by this book, it was just the one thing that would be freaky if I were in the MC’s shoes, since it wasn’t a true thriller genre book, but it did have that thriller-y vibe. And yeah that wasn’t even a real spoiler, I just like to be cautious in my reviews lol. I do look forward to seeing how that turns out though.