Book Review: Glass Faerie (Creepy Hollow Book 7) by Rachel Morgan

Emerson just wants to get out of her aunt's house, get her mom out of the psychiatric hospital, and go live somewhere nice together, but after a freak accident at a party one night, her life is upended by the revelation that she's actually a faerie, and one with a powerful Griffin Ability. She's brought to the fae realm to learn about her magic, but when her ability is discovered, she ends up wanted by the Guild, the Unseelie, and a mysterious glass faerie, and she'll have to figure out who to trust if she wants to keep herself and her mom safe.

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Title: Glass Faerie
Book Number: Book 7 (Creepy Hollow), Book 1 (Emerson's Story)
Pages: 249
My Rating: 3.5 Stars
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*I received an ecopy of this book from the author. This has not influenced my review.*

First we had Violet’s story (Books 1-3), then we had Calla’s (Books 4-6), and this time we’re getting Emerson’s. She’s not related to the others in any way, but their lives intertwine when Emerson discovers, at the age of 17, that she’s a faerie, and one with a powerful Griffin Ability.

I actually found Emerson a little difficult to like because of her stubbornness and the way she was rude to Dash for most of the book when he was being nice and trying to help (she was grateful eventually, at least), but I’m not worried because, for some reason, the first book for each character in this series has never been my favorite, and I didn’t like Calla in her first book either, but then I ended up liking the books and the characters more as the stories went on. (Except for Ryn because I loved him from the start, and yes, I am going to mention him in every single review for this series despite the fact that he hasn’t been a main character since Book 3 because that is just how much I love him.) So I have faith that Emerson will grow on me and become more mature and likeable as her story continues. And to be fair, Emerson didn’t have an easy life, and then her whole life was upended and all the faerie stuff was new to her. She also made good decisions for the most part and cared a lot about her mother.

Speaking of the other characters though, it was good to see Violet, Ryn, Calla, and Chase again! There wasn’t a ton about them since this was Emerson’s story, but we still got to see what they’ve been up to and how they’re doing. It was also good to know that Ryn and Chase have been getting along, and *SPOILER* Violet and Ryn’s son was so cute! I honestly think he was my favorite character in this book lol. *END SPOILER*

The plot was good as well and kept me hooked but then, the plots are always solid in this series. I’m looking forward to finding out the explanations for some of the new mysteries (like everything about Emerson’s parents and that glass faerie) and seeing where certain things go. It’s also neat how there’s a bigger thread about the whole fae realm and the problems related to the Griffin Abilities and now the veil thing that kind of started in Book 1 but continues to impact all the characters and their stories (even though you could stop after Book 3 or 6 if you wanted to).

So overall, this was a good start to Emerson’s story with a solid plot, some action, lots of magic, and some familiar faces but also new characters, and I’m looking forward to diving back in with the next book and seeing how Emerson and the rest of the story develops!


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  1. Greg

    Wow there’s a lot of books in this series. A good problem to have though. 🙂 So is her griffin ability like to do with actual griffin creatures? Because there are never enough griffins in fantasy, definitely. Nice too that favorite characters from earlier books make an appearance- always nice to see old friends. 🙂

    1. Kristen Burns

      Yeah there are seven books so far plus a couple side novella things, but you could easily stop after Book 3 or Book 6 (I actually thought the series was over after Book 3 lol) if you try it but end up not loving it. But no, sorry to disappoint, the Griffin abilities aren’t anything to do with actual griffins. They’re just special extra powers that some of the faeries have. It is nice to see characters from earlier books though!

  2. verushka

    This sounds so cool! I am intrigued by her ability and how it makes her be a target in this whole new world of hers. It sounds like the author has got her worldbuilding down!

    1. Kristen Burns

      It’s a great series! The author definitely has the world building down. Actually, Book 1 was the first faerie book I had ever read, and the author did a great job of explaining things about her world and faeries without bogging it down.

  3. Lola

    That’s interesting how this series is sort of split up in three books for each characters. I actually just read a book in a series where from book 4 the story follows another main character.

    I hope you like this main character more in the second book as that also happened with the other two main characters. Sometimes a character just has to grow on you and change a bit before you really like them.

    It is great in series with different main characters to get to see familiar side characters. And that’s good to hear this series has a solid plot in each book. I saw the first book was free at the moment, so I grabbed a copy of that.

    1. Kristen Burns

      Yeah, it’s always hard for me getting used to a new MC, but it’s also kinda nice that the MC changes every three books since it allows you to stop if you’re tired of the series thus keeping it from being overwhelming. It also keeps the story was just getting old or too long since there’s always kind of a new story with each character. But at the same time, even with a new character, it still feels familiar since it’s the same world you already know and has some recurring characters and background plot lines.

      Thanks! I’m sure she’ll grow on me soon.

      I think this is a series you might really like! I’m not sure how kindle ebook lending works across different countries, but if these are available for lending and it works, I have Books 1-6, I think it is, from Amazon that I could lend you if you decide you want to read them.

      1. Lola

        Yes I can imagine it’s nice to have the MC change every few books even though it takes some time to get used to the new MC, it does sound like it keeps the series fresh. And it’s nice you get a new story with some familiar parts too.

        I got book 1 for free, so I’ll let you know what I think once I’ve read that. I once lend a series from another blogger through amazon, so it should work across different countries I think. But haven’t seen many books that I own that actually offered lending. Or maybe I can lend books from others, but not the other way around? Would have to look into that once. But yes it would be an option if this series can be lend and I enjoy book 1 and want to continue the series :). Thanks for the offer!