Book Review: Naughty Cupid by Deanna Wadsworth

When Lio, a cupid, shoots a closeted human with a gay lust arrow and accidentally interferes with a true love arrow, he makes a deal with the Aztec god Ethan to try and get out of trouble, but the deal ends in a way Lio never expected: passionate and spontaneous sex with the supposedly straight Aztec god. But when Lio gets caught anyway and suspended from his job, Ethan offers to help, and he just might be the one to change Lio's bitter feelings about love.

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Title: Naughty Cupid
Pages: 240
My Rating: 4 Stars
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*I received a free ecopy of this book from the publisher in exchange for an honest review.*

After reading A Cupid’s Wager (which you don’t need to read, by the way, because it’s included in this book), I was basically just expecting lots of sex and humor. And to be fair, I wasn’t that far off the mark, though the book had more emotion than I expected.

Here, I even made a handy-dandy pie chart because why not?

Naughty Cupid Pie Chart

For anyone who can’t see the image, it’s: 45% sex, 40% heart-to-hearts/feels, 10% snark/sarcasm, 5% plot—though of course, that’s just my best scientific guesstimate based on my vast expertise in all things bookish.

Anyway, pie charts aside, this book was fun. There were some sexy moments, there were some sweet moments, and there were some funny moments. It had hardly anything that could be called a plot, but I enjoyed it nonetheless and had no trouble getting through it.

The whole story was focused on the newfound romance between Lio and Ethan, and while it was most definitely instalove, it worked. I mean, not in a necessarily realistic way, but it wasn’t frustrating or annoying either. It was kind of part of the premise and had an explanation that almost did make it believable in the context.

As I mentioned above, there was also A LOT of sex, but that’s just the kind of book this is. The only problem I had with the sex was Lio’s use of crude language, but that was just his voice, so the author was staying true to character. It was still sexy enough regardless.

There were also a lot of heart-to-heart conversations, sappy moments, and emotional backstory struggles. This was not the most emotional thing I’ve ever read, and I still consider it to be a light book, but the emotion was there driving the story since the book was also focused on Lio overcoming the pain in his past. The book made me frown when I felt bad for Lio, awww every time Ethan said gooey romantic things, and smile when they got their happily ever after.

I also loved the creativity of the whole cupid organization and the gorgeous descriptions of the Aztec realm. Oh, and Lio has the same favorite food as me, so bonus points 😉

I did find Lio and Walter’s relationship to be strange and felt that Walter was kind of stereotypical, but that was a minor issue, and he was at least a great friend to Lio.

So overall, this was a funny, quick, sexy romp of a book that managed to be light while still having some character growth and emotional drive behind it, and I enjoyed reading it!







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  1. Lola

    lol I just love how you made a pie chart to sum up this book. It does sounds like a fun book with lots of sex, romance and some humor thrown in. The set-up with Cupid and the Aztec god does sound fun, I don’t think I’ve ever read a book about Cupid. And sometimes a romance heavy book is just what you’re in the mood for and it sounds like the emotions and character growth still adds some depth.
    The language can sometimes make sex scenes feel a tad off, but on the other hand I do appreciate the author stays in character and uses language their character would use. I like the sound of how the cupid organization got thought out a bit and the descriptions of the Aztec realm sounds well done. Great review!

    1. Kristen Burns

      Haha, I’m glad you like the pie chart. It just seemed like the perfect book to make a pie chart for. I don’t think I’d ever read about a cupid before either, but I really did love the creativity behind all that. And yeah, I usually don’t go for books this romance heavy, but it just sounded good (and I may have had a case of really wanting the book for its cover lol), and it did end up being a good read. Luckily that emotional backstory and character growth was there because that was what made it a little more realistic and gave it some depth. The language in the sex scenes was not quite for me, but maybe it will be for some readers, and exactly, I can appreciate that the author was staying in character. Thanks!

    1. Kristen Burns

      Lol yay, I’m glad people like the pie chart! It just seemed like the perfect book to make a pie chart for. It was a fun read, and the feels gave it some depth 🙂