Book Review: Never Never (Villains Book 9) by Serena Valentino [Audiobook]

James went to Neverland as a kid but was brought back home, and ever since, all he's wanted is to go back. He joins Blackbeard's pirate crew, makes deals with magical beings, and sets out to make his wishes come true.

Book Cover - Never Never by Serena Valentino
Title: Never Never
Book Number: Book 9
Pages: 156
My Rating: 3 Stars
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This is the 7th Hook-focused book I’ve read, the 6th origin story (I just like to establish what number I’m on each time I review another one lol). And unfortunately, it was bland.

James’s character wasn’t very interesting or complex. His obsession with getting back to Neverland, with *SPOILER* wanting to be a kid again, *END SPOILER* could’ve been interesting, but it wasn’t really explored, just something I was repeatedly told.

The story wasn’t very exciting. There was a lot of explanation and just James talking to the magical characters who might help him.

I know this is not an adult book. I’m unsure if it’s more YA or children’s. Depending on the age it’s meant for, I obviously understand the story isn’t going to delve into certain things. I can’t speak for kids (I can’t even speak for other adults, everyone has different tastes). Still, if it wasn’t going to get into anything too dark or complex, it could’ve had a little more excitement or something.

I will note, I have not read any other books in this series. Maybe I’d have enjoyed the stuff about the Kingdoms and Odd Sisters and all that more if I’d read the other books.

The audiobook narration by John York was good, I enjoyed it. It sounded natural.

Overall, this was a Hook backstory that had potential to be interesting but lacked the depth that would’ve made it so for me. Perhaps younger readers would enjoy it more.

*Note: This is part of a series, but the previous books are not necessary in order to understand this one. Each book focuses on a different character. But as I have not read the previous books, I don’t know how much other stuff carries over.*

*Rating: 3 Stars // Read Date: 2023 // Format: Audiobook*


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