Book Review: Only the Good Die Young (The Hunter and the Spider Book 3) by E.M. Jeanmougin & Jay Wright

Jasper and Crimson are finally getting a bit of a break and just enjoying life together, Jasper even getting a job with a supernatural investigation agency. But between Crimson's draw to turn a fledgling and old enemies still out to get them, their easy new life doesn't last long.

Book Cover - Only the Good Die Young by E.M. Jeanmougin & Jay Wright
Title: Only the Good Die Young
Book Number: Book 3
My Rating: 4.5 Stars
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*I received an ecopy of this book from the authors. This has not influenced my review.*

Another fantastic book in a fantastic series!

There were four main POVs in this one (Jasper, Crimson, Max, Leon), and I enjoyed them all. Each was unique and brought something to the table.

There was some angst, which I love, because of the whole Crimson being drawn to a potential fledgling thing. It added some struggle into the romantic relationship (not because he was romantically attracted, but because Jasper just didn’t want more spider shifters in the world killing people), but not too much. It was a chance for communication and understanding.

But at the same time, the romance was so cute and sweet! These two are so cute together. I enjoyed getting to see them just kind of have a nice relationship. Still in danger, but, for a short while, together and not quite as on the run as before.

I’ve never gotten a romantic vibe from Max and Alcander, but I feel like there is love between them too, even if they never use that word. The relationship they have, whatever kind of relationship it is (just calling them vampire and familiar doesn’t seem like enough), is also very sweet. They understand each other and don’t judge. They care about each other immensely and are happy to have each other in their lives. *SPOILER* That scene at the end when Al let Max drink directly from his wrist, despite how uncomfortable it makes him to be touched let alone do something that intimate, just because he couldn’t bear the thought of putting Max through even the slight pain of a needle prick after all he’d been through and done, made me tear up because it was so tender and sweet. *END SPOILER* The moments between them were just as sweet as the moments between Crimson and Jasper, just in a different way.

There was a cute sort of found family aspect too, since Jasper and Crimson formed a little pack with Clover, Thomas, Robin, and Angie.

I loved all the small moments and tiny details that were included. They never distracted from the story. They only served to make the characters feel more alive and real. To make their relationships feel more genuine. To make the entire book feel more full.

I liked how this touched on the fact that Crimson has had a lot of past loves. Anyone alive that long would. But it doesn’t make his love for Jasper any less. It doesn’t make his love for any of them any less. *SPOILER* Although I wonder if the authors were hinting at reincarnation, since Jasper seemed to have memories of being some of them in his dreams. Although if that is the case, I don’t think Crimson even knows. Anyway, I’m willing to go with the flow whether it is reincarnation or not. I feel the love they have is genuine, either way. *END SPOILER*

There was also some intense action and fighting! I know devoting one single sentence to the actual plot and action of the story makes it seem like I didn’t like it, but I did, I promise!

Last but not least, the characters in this series are all so well-written, complex, and interesting. Everything about these books is great, but it’s the fantastically written characters who all feel so real that really makes them stand out. And this book was no exception. In fact, it just showed even more how great these authors are at writing characters, since we got the same great complexity from old ones, as well as some wonderful uniqueness and complexity from new ones!

Overall, this was another fantastic book in a unique urban fantasy series with intense action, unusual supernaturals, sweet relationships, and complex, interesting characters who stick around in my mind long after reading!

*Rating: 4.5 Stars // Read Date: 2021 // Format: Ebook*


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