Book Review: Proper Scoundrels (A Magic in Manhattan Spin-Off) by Allie Therin

Sebastian is finally free of blood magic and should be taking time to recover, but when he finds out there's a paranormal murdering people, he wants to help and agrees to help protect Wesley, who may be one of the villain's targets. Wesley and Sebastian get off to a rocky start, but the more time he spends with him, the more Wesley's stone heart starts to soften.

Book Cover - Proper Scoundrels by Allie Therin
Title: Proper Scoundrels
Book Number: Kinda Book 4
Pages: 309
My Rating: 4 Stars
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*I received an ecopy of this book via NetGalley. This has not influenced my review.*

I liked Wesley in the Magic in Manhattan series. He started off not so likeable, but by the end, I realized he wasn’t so bad after all, and I felt for him. So I was glad to see him get his own book and his own chance at love!

This was very sweet. Almost a little too sweet for my taste, in the sense that these two would often say things that were just a little too sappy and eloquent to be believable. But I enjoyed it! It was a lovely (and also sexy) romance between two characters who deserved it. I especially enjoyed the building tension between them before they crossed the line of admitting their attraction.

Both Wesley and Sebastian were easy to love. Yes, even Wesley. He may have been gruff and stone-hearted with previous lovers and a loner and kind of a jerk sometimes, but not really to undeserving people. It was more of a facade, a wall to hide behind and use to push people away, than anything. He treated his staff well, and he apologized when he realized he’d been rude to Sebastian. And Sebastian, well, he was just the sweetest, most compassionate, most kind-hearted person, still struggling with the guilt of what he’d been forced to do while under blood magic control.

This was mostly about the romance, but the non-romance story was good too and added a bit of tension and action. I think it also brought a bit more closure to the overall series.

The magic was fun. The author found a unique way to make a magic-dampening power interesting and fun, even when there was no other magic involved!

Overall, a sweet story about sweet characters that I’m sure fans of the Magic in Manhattan series will enjoy!

*Though this is a standalone story about some of the side characters, it is a spin-off from the Magic in Manhattan series, and you may be lost in regards to the world, magic, and backstory of the characters if you haven’t read that yet.*

*Rating: 4 Stars // Read Date: 2021 // Format: Ebook via TTS*


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    1. Kit (Metaphors and Moonlight)

      I’m glad someone understands! I’m ok with a bit of it, because it’s romance, but too much starts to feel like, “Ok, no one actually talks like this,” and then I lose some connection with the characters because they lose realism. But anyway, thanks, it wasn’t too bad with the mushy, and I did still enjoy it!