Book Review: Shadow Faerie (Creepy Hollow Book 8) by Rachel Morgan

Having made a deal with the Unseelie prince in order to heal her mother, Emerson now finds herself in over her head at the Unseelie Court. The good news is, she's learning about how to use magic and her Griffin Ability and even having a bit of fun; the bad news is, her plan isn't going work out quite like she thought, especially not when shadowy worlds and unexpected guests complicate things, and she'll have to use her ability to do terrible things for the King unless she can figure out a way out of her deal.

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Title: Shadow Faerie
Book Number: Book 8 (Creepy Hollow), Book 2 (Emerson's Story)
Pages: 490
My Rating: 4 Stars
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*I received an ecopy of this book from the author. This has not influenced my review.*

I have to say, I don’t think it’s ever taken me more than a day or two to read any of the books in this series, and this one was no exception. They’re just so gripping and easy to get lost in.

I didn’t really love Emerson in the last book, but, just as I suspected, I liked her more this time as I got to know her more. I really liked that she wasn’t too much of a savior. As in, for the most part, she just wanted to save herself and her mother, not the whole world. She’ll risk her life for people she cares about, but not necessarily for random strangers, especially when there are other people out there whose job it is to deal with the bigger world-saving things and help those strangers. It might sound weird to say I like that, but it’s realistic. And I don’t mean to say that she was selfish—she did try to do what was right and didn’t just sit back and do nothing if there was in fact something she could do—I’m just saying I found her motivations and actions to be believable.

I also thought the author did a great job of portraying the conflicting situation Emerson was in. If it weren’t for the way the she was going to be forced to use her power to do terrible things, life at the Unseelie palace did seem like it would actually be pretty great. Roarke treated her well, she found a new friend in Aurora, the Queen was nice, the palace was beautiful, the parties were epic, and she even got to ride dragons! I’d have been tempted to take that deal myself.

I also once again liked how everything in the series continues to build on each other and interconnect and work together as it all goes on.

And of course this wouldn’t be a Creepy Hollow book if it didn’t have some twists. There was one thing about halfway through that wasn’t exactly a twist, but it did surprise me because I had not seen it coming. Then there was a real twist later in the book, a signature Rachel Morgan kinda twist 😉

I think this book was a little slower-paced and less action-packed than the others though, at least for the first half or so, since the plot for much of this book revolved around Emerson living at the Unseelie Palace and just kind of learning, playing a part, and figuring out a plan. But there were still interesting things happening during that time since, you know, it was the Unseelie Palace and there was magic and everything, and there was more action later in the book.

I also thought there were a few things that happened that were a little too coincidental, but that was a rather small issue in the grand scheme of things.

So overall, although this book was a little less action-packed than the others, it was no less gripping, magical, twisty, or enjoyable to read!


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  1. Greg

    Ooh more fae stuff. I like it too when a protag has a personal goal, and it’s not always “save the world” sigh. The Unseelie court sounds good- probably more fun than the Seelies anyway?? There’s just so much you can imagine or do with the faerie courts and all that. Glad this was a winner.

    Nice cover too, but I always say that I think about this series. And a dragon??

    1. Kristen Burns

      At this point I tend to just avoid books that are about saving the world right from the start. But yeah, we all know the Unseelies are the more fun ones 😉

      Yeah she even gets to ride dragons!

  2. verushka

    I always seem to get Rachel Morgan and Rachael Caine mixed up! But with both, they’re authors I have to catch up with! Great review!

  3. Olivia Roach

    I’m glad there was a book you could race through and really enjoy! Especially as you felt like a lot of the books dragged a bit lately. I like the sound of Emerson and her being really believable and realistic. It makes characters easier to relate to. I also really like the sound of all the twists in this one. Great review!

    1. Kristen Burns

      These books always do the trick when I’m in a bit of a slump or need something gripping. I agree that realistic characters are easier to relate to! And the twists in this series are always great. Thanks!

  4. Becky @ A Fool's Ingenuity

    I always see these Rachel Morgan books about but never read them. I mean, to be fair, I have enough to read without adding more to the pile anyway, but you do make it sound like it’s an addictive, easy to read series. It does sound there is a lot going on in each book and the fact that there is usually a twist is great but I don’t know if it would bother me that there is almost a formula to how these books go. It still sounds interesting and undoubtedly I may end up giving this series a shot.

    1. Kristen Burns

      Lol yeah I’m like that with some books/authors. This is a nicely gripping and easy to read series though 🙂 I mean, I would say each book has a kind of different thing going on? But the three different parts of the series (Books 1-3 are one character, Books 4-6 another MC, etc.) are pretty predictable, aside from the twists. Still enjoyable to read though.