Book Review: Siren’s Song (Wyrd Love Book 1) by Cynthia Diamond [Audiobook]

Adelle, half-siren, is in danger and gets sent to stay with her cousin, who then pawns her off on a hunky dragon. Jack isn't happy about being tricked into protecting Adelle, but he helps her learn to control her powers, and the two grow closer the more time they spend together.

Book Cover - Siren's Song by Cynthia Diamond
Title: Siren's Song
Book Number: Book 1
Pages: 413
My Rating: 3.5 Stars
More Info: Goodreads, Amazon


Paranormal romance books and I don’t always get along. I dislike a lot of the common tropes and cliches, especially when it comes to sex and gender. But I wanted to try this one, even though I wasn’t sure it’d be my kinda thing, because a) dragon and siren, and b) the audiobook is narrated by Michael Ferraiuolo. And I say all this not to bash romance but to let everyone else who might be interested but hesitant know that you should give this book a try! It ended up being something I enjoyed (along with the next two books in the series)! It wasn’t entirely cliche-free, but it felt fairly believable with a romance that took some time to progress and wasn’t just about sex. It was a bit silly at times, but not in a way that hurt the story. It was a fun book.

I loved that this was about a dragon and a siren. Two supernaturals for the price of one! And ones that you don’t see that often in books. I like that this author actually based her sirens on the Greek mythology version that are like birds, even though it didn’t really matter, since Adelle was half-siren and only had a human form. But anyway, her magic was based around singing, screaming, using her voice. I also liked this authors version of dragons! Jack was full dragon, so he could shift into dragon form. Dragons in this world also have hoards, and Jack’s love of shiny glass bottles and broken bits of glass was adorable.

I liked the characters and their romance, but I didn’t feel super invested in them. Adelle was kind of one of those heroines who didn’t have much personality beyond being feisty and kind. Jack was kind of grumbly and protective. I like that their romance took a bit of time, that they got to know each other some, but I didn’t feel a ton of chemistry between them. They were the kind of characters and romance that I’m not going to keep thinking about but that were fun while reading/listening.

There was also a plot about people kidnapping Adelle, and there’s a bigger plot that connects all the books (even though each one focuses on a different sister) about a cabal of mages up to no good, so I do recommend reading these in order.

The audiobook narration by Michael Ferraiuolo was great, but that was no surprise because he’s my favorite narrator. He sounded natural and realistic, adding in extra emotion and acting where necessary. Characters were easy to tell apart because Ferraiuolo is great at doing different voices. He’s also good at female voices, making them sound feminine without sacrificing the natural quality of his narration. He used what I thought was a good Scottish accent for Jack, but I’m not an expert on Scottish accents. And I felt all the voices suited the characters.

Overall, this was a cute paranormal romance. A little silly sometimes, but with a nice romance, interesting supernatural creatures and abilities, and a fun story.

*Even though each book in this series focuses on different characters, I recommend reading them in order, or you might be lost in regards to some plot elements and character/relationship backgrounds.*

*Rating: 3.5 Stars // Read Date: 2020 // Format: Audiobook*


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  1. Greg

    A siren and a dragon is a nice combo. And based on actual Greek mythology to boot, since we know sometimes that’s not the case lol. Sometimes a book or a series just works and is fun even if it’s not mindblowing or whatever. Glad this was good!

  2. Lacy

    I confess I don’t often read supernatural books despite it being my favorite genre for horror movies and games. This one sounds pretty good. I might have to give it a shot! Great review!