Book Review: Spellbound (Magic in Manhattan Book 1) by Allie Therin

Rory is a 20-year-old psychometric (he can see into an object's past when he touches it) living in 1925 New York, working at an antique shop, which is how he meets Arthur. Arthur and his friends are trying to stop a dangerous relic from falling into the wrong hands, and Rory's powers might be just the thing they need. Even more unexpected for both of them are the feelings they develop for each other.

Book Review: Spellbound (Magic in Manhattan Book 1) by Allie Therin | reading, books, paranormal romance, historical fantasy, lgbt+, m/m, prohibition era
Title: Spellbound
Book Number: Book 1
Pages: 243
My Rating: 4 Stars
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*I received an ecopy of this book via NetGalley. This has not influenced my review.*

Gah, these characters and their romance were so CUTE! They made me smile so much. Can that just be my whole review? It’s a really great summary of my thoughts.

Seriously though, I loved this. Rory was so naive in some ways but tough in others, and he was so feisty. He wasn’t about to let Arthur walk all over him or Mrs. Brodigan. And Arthur was a lonely hottie with a big heart. He just wanted to help people and maybe find himself someone to love. And then they found each other, and there was all this fun banter and embarrassed flirting and sweet moments and hidden feelings and confusion over how the other one felt, and it was all so cute. When they finally got together, the feelings were pretty strong pretty fast, but they were so adorable that I didn’t care. I just wanted them to be together and happy.

The non-romance plot was good too, albeit fairly simple (which is not a bad thing). There were supernatural powers (like Rory’s psychometry—his ability to see an object’s past by touching it—and Jade’s telekinesis). There were relics with powerful abilities sealed inside them. There were the bad guys who wanted to obtain the relics, presumably to use them for nefarious purposes. And there were our good guys, trying to keep the relics out of their hands. The supernatural stuff was cool. Seems like there might be even more of that in the next book.

The Prohibition Era is one of my favorite settings, so I enjoyed that too, even if it was more of a backdrop than anything.

Overall, I really enjoyed reading this. It was cute and funny and put so many smiles on my face, and I needed that. These characters are sweethearts and their relationship is adorable, and I look forward to reading more about them!


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  1. Greg

    Psychometry sounds kinda cool- you don’t see a lot of that- and I’m always down for mysterious relics with dangerous powers. 🙂 Sounds fun!

    1. Kristen Burns

      Oddly enough, one character in the audiobook I’m listening to right now can do something similar with objects, and I’m pretty sure I have a review copy with an MC who sees the past in objects, so maybe it’s more common than you think, haha. Pretty sure this was the first time I’d read about it though, so maybe not. It was a fun book!

  2. Dani @ Perspective of a Writer

    Fascinating that its set during the Prohibition!! That’s not something I read about everyday. Though I do love the idea of different abilities and artifacts and relics. It feels very Egyptian archaeology like! Love it!! I feel like you are the queen of M/M romance too Kristen. I always know where to come.

  3. Lola

    I am so glad you read this one as well. This was such a great read and the characters were so cute indeed! I liked how Rory was so naive and feisty at the same time, it was a fun combination of characteristics. I also really liked the romance in this one.

    The non-romance plot was a good one too. And I also hope to see even more of the supernatural stuff in the next book. I am looking forward to book 2!

    1. Kristen Burns

      They were so cute! I’m glad to hear you liked the romance too. I don’t think I missed your review, did I? I do think it’ll be cool to see more of the supernatural in the next book!

      1. Lola

        My review went live today on release day :). I hope book 2 will be just as good and we see even more of the supernatural there!