Book Review: The ABCs of Spellcraft Collection Volume 2 (Books 5-7) by Jordan Castillo Price [Audiobook]


When Yuri gets evicted, the attic Dixon lives in gets awfully crowded, what with his cousin Sabina and Uncle Fonzo living there too, so they go apartment hunting, but Yuri wasn't the only one evicted. Developers have come to town, there may be spellcrafting afoot, and Dixon and Yuri are determined to save the town that means so much to them.

Individual Descriptions: In Last But Not Lease, Dixon and Yuri go apartment hunting when Yuri is evicted and are determined to find the right place, with or without magical interference. In Don't Rock the Boardwalk, a mime brings in some spellcraft that needs uncrafting but only communicates in mime, so Dixon and Yuri go to the boardwalk to figure out what's going on. In What the Frack? Dixon and Yuri try to figure out if spellcraft is involved with the mining that's started and if they can uncraft it or use some of their own to save their home.

Book Cover - The ABCs of Spellcraft Collection Vol. 2 by Jordan Castillo Price
Title: The ABCs of Spellcraft Collection Volume 2
Book Number: Books 5-7
Pages: 308
My Rating: 4 Stars
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I listened to the audiobook of The ABCs of Spellcraft Volume 2, which collects Books 5-7 (more like novellas). I enjoyed this one more than the previous, I think, and got more into the relationship between Dixon and Yuri, which has only gotten deeper and more adorable as the series has gone on. These stories also felt a little less ridiculous on the silly scale, but still light and fun. This is a great example of how stories can be entertaining and make me want to keep reading/listening even with relatively low stakes. Anyway, here are some mini reviews for each individual novella.

Last But Not Lease (Book 5) – It had admittedly been a little while since I listened to the previous books, but I think this was a little less silly and more moderately believable but still fun. It made me chuckle. The apartment hunting, and the horrible apartments themselves, were interesting and fun. Though the stakes were relatively low, the story kept my attention the whole way through. But I really liked the more serious parts too, like Yuri still not being able to believe Dixon actually wants to be with him. I just want to give that man a hug sometimes. His insecurities really hit me in the feels. I also just really enjoyed seeing their relationship deepen. It’s sweet. Honestly, I’ve read a lot of books lately in which sex was the main focus of the relationship with no other parts being developed, so it’s very nice to read about a couple whose relationship is actually based on who they are and spending time together, with sex being just one part of their connection, mentioned sometimes, but off screen. I felt the love between them. I will say, I didn’t love the subplot about breaking up a couple just because the guy was not smart. He seemed like a nice guy who treated Sabina right, and that was what counted. But I was glad that Sabina stood up for him, and it wasn’t necessarily implied that trying to break them up was ok. I enjoyed this overall, even more than the previous books.

Don’t Rock the Boardwalk (Book 6) – This was another cute and enjoyable story. A bit of the usual silly shenanigans. Also an interesting and enjoyable story with a bit of a mystery. But it also had some really sweet relationship stuff, what with Yuri showing some of his vulnerable, squishy side, and Dixon knowing how hard it is for Yuri to show his emotions and vulnerability and taking care with those situations despite being someone who normally blurts out everything he’s thinking and feeling. *SPOILER* (I love that Dixon had already looked up the translation for how to say, “I love you,” in Russian, hoping to hear it one day, just in case Yuri said it in Russian first instead of English, which he did.) *END SPOILER* I love how much they love each others’ quirks and opposite-ness, like how Yuri likes is that Dixon is so optimistic and has enough hope for both of them, and how Dixon loves how butch and strong Yuri is. *SPOILER (Ok, not really, but it’s more fun to hear things from the character sometimes.)* I also love that Dixon likes Yuri’s love handles, though he’d never tell Yuri that. *END SPOILER* It was honestly the sweetness of the relationship that stood out the most to me in this story, even though that wasn’t really the focus. I kept saying awww and just really loved it. Overall, a sweet, fun, enjoyable book!

What the Frack? (Book 7) – For some reason, this story was a little less memorable to me than the previous two. The plot felt a little more disconnected, I think, and I didn’t fully understand everything about it in the end. But I did still enjoy the book! It was another fun story with fun characters I’ve come to care about and a sweet ending to this second arc of Dixon and Yuri’s story!

The narration for the audiobook by Nick Hudson was great again. He really seems to nail Dixon’s optimistic, somewhat over-the-top, enthusiastic personality. But he also does a great job with Yuri’s more serious, stoic nature. Again, I’m not sure how accurate the Russian accent is, but it doesn’t bother me. I really enjoy the audio for these.

Overall, this was another great, fun, somewhat silly collection of novellas with a bit of light mystery and a unique magic system and even sweeter relationship moments that I enjoyed even more than the first!

*Rating: 4 Stars // Read Date: 2021 // Format: Audiobook*


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