Book Review: The ABCs of Spellcraft Collection Volume 3 (Books 8-11) by Jordan Castillo Price [Audiobook]


Dixon and Yuri have more shenanigans to pursue and spellcraft gone awry to fix---this time amidst lots of exciting changes for the Penn family, which is about to get bigger, and for the Pinyin Bay spellcraft community.

Individual Descriptions: In Present Tense, Dixon and Yuri try to find gifts for each other on Christmas Eve. In Brownie Points, spellcraft in some brownies Yuri eats gives him a rash, and they investigate the bakery and their rival to try and figure out the problem. In Forging Ahead, Dixon and Yuri go on a hunt all over town to try and find a painting to help an acquaintance. In Mayor May Not, changes abound in the spellcraft community and the Penn family, and Dixon and Yuri try to find a new candidate for mayor.

Book Cover - The ABCs of Spellcraft Collection Vol. 3 by Jordan Castillo Price
Title: The ABCs of Spellcraft Collection Volume 3
Book Number: Books 8-11
Pages: 361
My Rating: 4 Stars
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One of my favorite things about this series, especially as it’s progressed, is how touched Yuri is to realize he’s loved and part of a family, because he never had that kind of love before and never thought he would. It’s very sweet.

I also just love the relationship between Yuri and Dixon. They’re so adorable together. Even things that could be considered flaws or quirks or frustrating, they love about each other. And they really care and respect each other and try to do right by each other. And although their relationship hasn’t been the focus of the series since the beginning when they met and got together, I love just getting to see them go through life together as a couple in an established relationship.

Also, Meringue, their bird, is adorable. I feel like I haven’t appreciated her enough before now.

Once again, fun stories with silly shenanigans. I love that too. It’s nice to have a series I can turn to when I want something with depth in the characters and emotion but lightness and fun in the stories. These are generally low stakes and low stress books.

It was also fun to have some previous characters show up again. And some things happened this time that will definitely impact future books. It’ll be interesting to see what new sorts of shenanigans the characters will get into because of it!

Here are my individual reviews…

Present Tense (Book 8) – There’s not much to say about this, but it was a good, touching little Christmas story in the series! I love Dixon and Yuri’s relationship. Especially from Yuri’s POV.

Brownie Points (Book 9) – This was another fun book. More ridiculous shenanigans that somehow work out in the end. I love these characters and just hanging out with them, hearing about what they get up to. These are such light, stress-free books, but with depth where it matters, in the characters and their relationships. And I seriously love the relationship between Yuri and Dixon! I always love how they love all the little quirks and things about either other. I definitely had yet another awwwww moment in this one. It’s also so sweet and touching how much it means to Yuri to be part of a family, to be accepted. He even refers to Sabina with a little term of endearment. Cute and fun overall!

Forging Ahead (Book 10) – Another fun book. This one brought back a couple characters introduced in previous books. I actually like Vano (I don’t know how to spell that), he seems like a decent guy. Drew Drawz (not sure of that spelling either, audiobook struggles) is a lot, but he’s fun. He’s very good at thinking on his feet, I’ll give him that! Anyway, enjoyable!

Mayor May Not (Book 11) – Once again, a fun book! More previous characters making reappearances, all with the signature uniqueness of characters in these books. This book also brings some changes to the Penn family, definitely paving the way for more shenanigans in future stories!

The audiobook narration by Nick Hudson was great yet again. He truly brings these stories and characters to life in all their unique, sitcom-esque glory. Especially Dixon. This series is one of those times when the audiobook is better than what I would’ve imagined in my head.

Overall, another great collection in a stress-free, low-stakes series that I always look forward to!

*Rating: 4 Stars // Read Date: 2022 // Format: Audiobook*


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