Book Review: The Alchemy of Moonlight by David Ferraro [Audiobook]

Emile is working as a servant to hide from his aunt until he turns 18, but his plans go awry when his aunt finds him anyway. Then it turns out the secrets this family has are more dangerous than Emile realized, and falling for two different young men only complicates things more.

Book Cover - The Alchemy of Moonlight by David Ferraro
Title: The Alchemy of Moonlight
Pages: 365
My Rating: 3.5 Stars
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*I received an audio copy of this book via NetGalley. This has not influenced my review.*

I am torn about this book.

The writing was good. The plot was really interesting, and I never really knew what was going to happen or how it would all turn out. There were some things that took me by surprise, and I liked the ending a lot. The supernatural elements were really interesting too. There were moments where it even felt more like horror to me, which really added to the mysterious, gothic vibes.

Also, this felt like quintessential YA where there are hot guys popping up everywhere, and of course they’re into the main character, and also rich and/or successful, and also maybe paranormal, except this time it was queer, and you know what? That was fun!

…Which made it all the more unfortunate that the romances (love triangle) lacked depth. It was just Emile thinking, “I have feelings for him! But I have feelings for him too! But I miss him! But I love him!” except I didn’t actually feel any of it. I didn’t even know what he was feeling for either of them in between these occasional mental updates. Henri and Bram both seemed interesting, and Emile’s relationship with each was so different, and Henri and Bram had their own history of friendship and animosity, so there was so much that could’ve been explored and shown. It could’ve been so great.

Another thing, lots of characters did a lot of flip flopping of emotions and reasons and actions, in ways that didn’t feel natural. They also did a lot of things that didn’t make sense and seemed to be just for the sake of setting up certain situations in the story.

I have no complaints about the audiobook narration though. Will Watt was great! He sounded so natural and suited the character perfectly. He did different enough voices and accents for each character. He brought the story to life so well.

Overall, I did enjoy this, just not as much as I would’ve had the romance elements been more fleshed out and had certain things seemed a little less forced. But this was a queer, fun, occasionally horrifying, mysterious, gothic, paranormal story.

*Rating: 3.5 Stars // Read Date: 2023 // Format: Audiobook*


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  1. Greg

    Aw sorry it didn’t hit all cylinders. Cool title. And I see it’s got werewolves too. But yeah bummer there was something lacking in the roance area…