Book Review: The Modern Mythos Anomaly by Juniper Lake Fitzgerald

Calysto has been living alone and barely leaving his teleporting cabin for over a hundred years when Python, a vampire, stumbles in to hide. Python is ruining Calysto's peace and quiet, but when a vampire hunter finds them and the house travels back in time, the two will have to work together to get back.

Book Cover - The Modern Mythos Anomaly by Juniper Lake Fitzgerald
Title: The Modern Mythos Anomaly
Pages: 470
My Rating: 3.5 Stars
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*I received an ecopy of this book from the author. This has not influenced my review.*

This was a nice romance between two lonely immortals, even if one of them didn’t quite realize he was lonely. Calysto was prickly and withdrawn, keeping to his cabin unless he had to leave for food or supplies. Python was outgoing and sort of ridiculous and overbearing in an entertaining way, making himself right at home in someone else’s house. Both could be snappish, it took them a bit of time and some mistakes here and there to understand each other, but sometimes it was just a bit of playful teasing.

Also, one MC was a vampire and one was a warlock, which, paranormal and magic—always fun! Technically there was no sexy biting, but there was biting… and it was still sorta sexy? No? Just me who thinks that?

The time travel was cool! It happened to be my favorite kind of time travel, where any backward travel the character is going to do in their future has already happened in the past (The Time Traveler’s Wife style). And somehow, even with time traveling and flashbacks and multiple POVs, I was never confused about when or where the story was.

Speaking of the flashbacks, I enjoyed them. Well, if “enjoy” is the right word when reading about hardships in a character’s life. They were interesting and helped me get to know the characters, and they were an important part of the story.

There were some things about the writing that weren’t to my taste. A bit repetitive sometimes. All characters “seemed” to do/think/feel things a lot. And the POV felt like 3rd person limited (in Calysto’s, Python’s, and occasionally Aeris’s heads, in separate sections), but then, for a moment, a narrator would pop up and talk to the reader, like, “What was inside [Calysto’s room] I cannot say.” If they weren’t an omniscient presence telling us this story, who were they? It was confusing for me when it happened, but it didn’t happen much.

And back to the romance, this is mentioned in tweets, so I don’t think it’s a spoiler. The author has described this as “m/m… /f” and that’s pretty accurate. It was m/m with the third tacked on at the very end. So I didn’t feel any connection between Aeris and the men. She was barely in the story, and when she was, she was just wreaking havoc on their lives, and not in a banter-y way. It didn’t affect how I felt about Calysto and Python’s romance, just felt strange in the epilogue.

Overall though, a warlock, a vampire, a teleporting house, and a bit of time travel all came together to make an interesting story!

*Rating: 3.5 Stars // Read Date: 2023 // Format: Ebook via TTS*


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  1. Roberta R.

    “his teleporting cabin”
    Hey, Doctor Who vibes LOL (only in a fantasy setting).

    “any backward travel the character is going to do in their future has already happened in the past”.
    Ooooh. Juicy.