Book Review: The Son of Darkness (The French Vampire Legend Book 4) by Emma V. Leech

Jehenne, Corvus, and crew have already been through so much, but they have one last thing to do: find a way to get into the Fae lands and rescue Jehenne's son, except the Fae lands aren't safe for vampires. When Ines secures them safe passage, they set out and find many surprises await them, both bad and good.

Book Review - The Son of Darkness (The French Vampire Legend Book 4) by Emma V. Leech-Book Cover
Title: The Son of Darknes
Book Number: Book 4
Pages: 353
My Rating: 4 Stars
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This was a lovely finale to the series that wrapped everything up nicely!

I feel like I haven’t quite appreciated Corvus enough throughout this series. He may have been a somewhat typical brooding, angsty vampire at the start, but I think we were just seeing a worse side of him brought out by being reminded of his past and dealing with a lot of difficult emotions. Settling in with Jehenne has changed him and brought out his best qualities, and he’s always been witty and charismatic and charming, something that was more apparent than ever in this book.

All the characters were great though. The author did a great job at writing a lovable cast that grew in number, as well as development, throughout the series. Each character was unique, and they had a fun and sweet dynamic among themselves. Even Corin won me over this time; if I just pretend he didn’t do certain things in previous books, then he was actually a likeable person and a good friend in this book.

This whole series also had a lovely family and found family element to it that grew as it went on.

The plot for this one threw me off a bit though, in the sense that the description for the book is all about Jehenne traveling to the Fae lands to find her son, but that goal was accomplished about halfway through, and I was left wondering what else there would be to the story as it kind of meandered. Except there wasn’t really any big climactic thing. There were some battles, some action, but it felt kind of small potatoes compared to other battles the characters have faced, and they seemed to finish rather quickly. For the final book in a series that got more intense with each book, it felt kind of anticlimactic. But it’s worth noting that it’d been four years since I read the others, so maybe my memory is skewed or my perceptions changed. And it’s also not a bad thing for a book to be quieter and less intense. It’s a chance for the characters to enjoy some good things after the struggles, and for readers to experience that enjoyment along with them.

Overall, this was a nice, happy ending for characters who’d been through a lot and deserved it, in a series that was filled with witches, vampires, gods, fae, magic, emotional struggles, romance, friendship, family, found family, and love!

*Rating: 4 Stars // Read Date: 2020 // Format: eBook*


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  1. Becky @ A Fool's Ingenuity

    Yay for a good series finale, too often the final book can leave you disappointed. Sounds like there was some iffy pacing here but I also think a book summary can be misleading because then you go in with expectations. I’m impressed you read the final book so long after reading the last book in the series.

    1. Kristen Burns

      It did seem a kind of misleading summary, but yeah, it was still a good finale! It wasn’t my fault! Lol. That was the time between releases. And I had already read the first two books twice (since there was a long time before the third book too), so I was committed to this series lol. I think rereading those first two made the stories stick in my mind a little better.