Book Review: The Storm Lords by Ravon Silvius

Rowen lost his parents and his voice in a heat spell a year ago, leaving him unable to defend himself to his fellow villagers who think he stole his parents' water. One day, in desperation, they sacrifice him and leave to die in the sun, but he gets rescued by Kristoff, a Storm Lord, who tells Rowen that he too has the magic to create storms and dispell heat. Rowen gladly goes with Kristoff, but if he can't figure out and control his powers---or worse, if he doesn't have any after all---he won't be able to save himself or his village.

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Title: The Storm Lords
Pages: 263
My Rating: 3.5 Stars
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*I received an ecopy of this book from the publisher. This has not influenced my review.*

This was a very calm kind of book, no action-filled scenes or nail-biting moments, but it was a book I wanted to keep reading nonetheless.

The book was mostly focused on the romance and character growth, so it was a very sweet, “warm and fuzzy” kind of story. It did have its somewhat more intense moments and sad/touching moments that made me feel for the characters, but ultimately there was nothing too dark. As for the characters themselves, Rowen and Kristoff were a little on the too-perfect side for me, but they were likeable, and I was happy with Rowen’s growth especially.

I also liked the disability representation. Rowen was mute from an incident during one of the heat spells, and there was no magical cure. He learned to write and was able to communicate that way. And Kristoff learned not to treat Rowen as less capable simply because he couldn’t speak.

All the Storm Lord stuff was interesting too. Lots of weather-related supernatural abilities.

Overall, this was a low-action but well-written romance/character-focused book with a nice story that will most likely give you the warm fuzzies from reading it.


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  1. Greg

    Nice cover, but I always like storms and all that. The weather- related abilities would probably appeal to me. Glad this was good even without a lot of action.

  2. Lola

    This does seem like a nice read. And it’s great you wanted to keep reading even with the calmer feel. I am glad to hear the characters were likeable if a bit too perfect. Sounds like the disability part is also handled well with how there is no magical cure and he learns to live with it. The weather focused supernatural abilities do sound pretty cool. I haven’t seen a lot of that in books. Great review!