Book Review: Unbound (Underworld Book 3) by Chani Lynn Feener

Spencer has made her decision on which guy she wants to be with, but it still doesn't change the fact that Persephone is out wreaking havoc and that Spencer is one of the few people who can help stop her. Between fighting off demons and spirits, forging new friendships, discovering even more new abilities, and dealing with the consequences of her relationship choices, Spencer will have to stay on her toes if she's going to outwit Persephone and keep her loved ones safe.

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Title: Unbound
Book Number: Book 3 of TBA
Pages: 344
My Rating: 4 Stars
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*I received a free ecopy of this book from the author in exchange for an honest review.*

This is going to be a short review since my thoughts on this one about pretty much the same as my thoughts on the first two, with just a few things to add.

I once again like how realistic and normal the high school aspect was, how interesting the story was, how likeable most of the characters were, and how supportive the female friendships were.

But not only did I love Spencer’s friendships with her best friends, I also loved her growing friendships with Thayer, Charlie, and Grim. I even liked the guys’ friendships among each other. They’re not the type of beings to find friends easily, so it was sweet seeing how much they cherished the friends they did have.

Another good thing was that this book had a little more emotion than Book 2 because of some love triangle/relationship-related things with both guys. I can’t say much about that because of spoilers, but Spencer finally made her decision at the end of Book 2, so this time she was dealing with the consequences and trying to work on the relationship with the person she chose. There wasn’t anything too heavy, but there were some painful moments, some bittersweet moments, and some happy moments.

But I once again had a few issues too. Most of them were the same ones I had in the last book, like typos and Hadrian not being the most likeable character (he was a little too volatile this time). And in this one Spencer became an amazing fighter super quickly, which didn’t feel realistic. It was explained as possibly being related to her powers, but still. Also, one of my favorite things about Spencer in the first book was that she actually made good decisions, but, as the series went on, her decision-making skills became worse (like investigating strange situations alone).

Overall though, this was another fun, fast-paced read in the series with some great friendships and conflict that kept me intrigued to know what would happen to these characters!


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  1. Bookworm Brandee

    One thing I really like in a series is a strong set of secondary characters and it seems Feener delivers that in this series along with them having strong relationships with each other. That’s fantastic! I’m happy that this trilogy (?) wrapped up in a way that left you satisfied, Kristen, even if there were still some issues. I’m really wondering about Hadrian’s behavior. Hmm… Anyway, it sounds like these books are worth reading so hopefully I’ll get to Unhinged in October! 😀

    1. Kristen Burns

      Yeah, there are a lot of great secondary characters. But nope, not a trilogy lol. I don’t know how many more books there will be, but this wasn’t the end!

  2. Lola

    That’s interesting she picks the guy she wants to be with at the end of book 2 already. It can be good when the love triangle doesn’t get dragged out too long. And the good thing about it getting resolved before the end of the series is that you can also see the consequences of that decisions. I have read a few love triangles that only get resolved at the end of the book or series and that often makes me wonder what happens next. And it’s great when friendships are well written, good friendships are fun to read about!

    That’s too bad her decision making skills seems to get worse as the book progresses. And that does sound a bit unrealistic how she suddenly becomes an amazing fighter. Great review!

    1. Kristen Burns

      I think the author made the right decision in how long to continue this love triangle. Any sooner, it would’ve felt too sudden, but any longer, and yeah it would’ve started to drag. And that’s a good point, it is nice to see the consequences, I think that can add a lot to the emotion and relationship dynamics. And I love reading about good friendships!

      Yeah, I was disappointed in some of her decisions, especially since that was one of the things I loved about her, but oh well. It wasn’t like the entire plot hinged on bad decisions though, so it was unbearable. Thanks!

  3. Greg

    I don’t like it when characters make WORSE decisions as time goes on, rather than better. It just seems like they would get smarter with experience?? I’ve noticed that in the Night school books I’ve been reading too- after two or three books you’re going to do THAT, after everything that’s happened? lol but otherwise this sounds like a good continuation. Do you think she’ll stay w/ Hadrian or go back to Micah? I think she’s back with Micah soon. 😛

    1. Kristen Burns

      Yeah, it’s frustrating. And I agree, it’d make more sense for the characters to, well, get more sense as the story goes on lol. Now that they actually know what the dangers are, they have even more reason not to go investigating things alone and whatnot. But I love how you’re predicting the outcome of the series when you haven’t even read them, hahaha. I guess we’ll find out when I review the next book!

  4. Lily B

    I like hearing about the friendship parts, thats always awesome in books, but eak love triangle >.< hopefully it is written good?