Book Review: Valkyrie’s Spear (Wyrd Love Book 2) by Cynthia Diamond [Audiobook]

Valerie, half-valkyrie, is determined to keep the Spear of Destiny safe, especially after the Constance sisters failed to stop their enemy in the last book, even if it means having to stalk---or fight alongside---a sexy priest. Matthew is actually a fallen angel who thinks protecting the spear will be his ticket back home, but the more he gets to know Val, the harder it becomes to resist her.

Book Cover - Valkyrie's Spear by Cynthia Diamond
Title: Valkyrie's Spear
Book Number: Book 2
Pages: 325
My Rating: 4 Stars
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I liked this one better than the previous book! Though Val and Matt’s romance started out more tropey (each of them just constantly noticing how sexy the other was, spying on each other naked), it felt more real as it progressed, and I felt more invested in it. They were cute together, their banter was cute, and I could feel the chemistry and connection between them.

This was also a fun reversal of the “virgin woman + experienced man” trope, since Val was the experienced one who enjoyed sex without shame, whereas Matt had never had sex, being a fallen angel and all whose only goal had been to protect the spear and get back home. Valerie was also generally the more forward one, going after what she wanted.

I also think Val was a more developed character than Adelle. I liked Val’s confidence, determination, playfulness, and sass. She also had a more serious, emotional part of her that felt like she had to always be right and strong and put together in order to be there for her younger sisters and take care of them, and she felt guilty and worried that she was letting them down. I liked Matt too and his mixture of confidence when it came to fighting and hesitancy/shyness when it came to romance. And his struggle with all these emotions he wasn’t used to was cute. It was a little silly when Matt would suddenly not know things (e.g. what sushi was), despite being on this Earth for over 1000 years, but that was a very minor thing.

And of course, I liked the supernatural element! Val was a half-valkyrie, which I don’t think I’d ever read about before, and Matthew was a fallen angel, so they both had some powers. Definitely a power couple, or at least a battle couple 😛

There was a plot too, about Val and Matt trying to protect the spear and keep it away from the villains who would use it to destroy the world, which was a continuation of the plot from the last book. So that brought a balance to the romance and added some action.

The audiobook narration by Michael Ferraiuolo was great again. He sounded natural and realistic, adding in extra emotion and acting where necessary. Characters were easy to tell apart because Ferraiuolo is great at doing different voices. He’s also good at female voices, making them sound feminine without sacrificing the natural quality of his narration. And I felt all the voices suited the characters.

Overall, this was a cute paranormal romance that I liked even more than the first! The characters were likeable, their banter was fun, their romance had a good connection, the supernatural stuff was cool, and I’m enjoying this series.

*Even though each book in this series focuses on different characters, I recommend reading them in order, or you might be lost in regards to some plot elements and character/relationship backgrounds.*

*Rating: 4 Stars // Read Date: 2020 // Format: Audiobook*


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