Book Review: Yield the Night (Steel & Stone Book 3) by Annette Marie

When the radical group of Gaians blow up the Consulate, kidnap Piper, and unleash her magic, she turns to Ash and Lyre yet again for help. But this time they all turn to one of the last daemons they thought they'd ally with, Miysis, and trust him to take them on a trip to the Overworld to find the one person who might be able to save Piper's life.

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Title: Yield the Night
Book Number: Book 3 of 5
Pages: 278
My Rating: 4 Stars
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How are these books so amazing?! Lovable characters, action-filled plots, beautiful writing, perfectly timed mysteries and plot twists–they’ve got it all.

BUT I HAVE TO START BY TALKING ABOUT LYRE. I missed him in the second book, so I was glad he was back with a bigger role this time. But what I really have to talk about is that entrance! I already loved him, but it didn’t get any more perfect than when he just showed up, crashed the Gaian party, and then delivered the best mom joke in the history of literature. Somebody get those Gaians some ice for that burn. I know he meant it literally, but that only made it better. I’ve taken to calling him “Lyre the Sassmaster” in my mind.

But as I was saying, he’s a great, likeable character–just the right amount of inappropriate to be entertaining and always there for Piper. And Piper, she was just as kickass as ever. As for Seiya, I was giving her a chance, but, within only six pages of her intro in the book, my suspicions about her were confirmed. Miysis also had a fairly big role, yet again, as his normal, never-sure-if-you-should-trust-him-or-not self. Ash, however, was still my favorite, and he was all sorts of dangerous, mysterious, and brooding, but with a heart of gold (at least when it came to those he loves), just the way I like him.

As for the relationship between Piper and Ash, it’s progressing slowly, but it’s progressing. Their emotion seemed to go deeper this time. It was nice seeing just how much they really cared for each other.

The plot wasn’t quite as action-packed as the first two books, but it was solid and strong nonetheless. I know I’ve said this before, but one of the things I love most about these books is how organically the plot always flows. It never feels forced or manipulated, and the author never relies on having her characters make irrational, immature decisions as a plot device.

Another thing I’ve started to notice, and love, is how perfectly everything is tying together. Things from the first two books that I didn’t give much attention to or thought were random and isolated came back into play in this book with real significance. I kept being completely shocked, literally my mouth dropping open, but in the best way because it all made so much sense; I just never saw it coming. Now I’m just waiting for all those odd mentions about Lyre’s past to come to fruition since apparently nothing is ever random!

Another great book in one of my favorite series!


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