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Cats & Soup is an adorable, passive mobile app game about cats making soup. Add and upgrade facilities over time in order to make more money, and earn points for new themes, outfits, and furniture for your cats.

Official Description:

Looking for a cute cat game?
Here is a peaceful animal forest where cats boil their delicious soup!
An idle relaxing cat game perfect for cat moms and dads

Long Review:

This is the first time I’ve reviewed a mobile app-only game on my blog, if this can even be called a game, but it’s just so darn cute that I love it!

(I am playing the Netflix version, so there are no purchases with real money. I’m unaware if there are other differences in the non-Netflix version.)

Literally it’s just cats making soup (and juice and stir fry) in a little forest clearing. No difficulty or story. You don’t have to do anything except place facilities down, upgrade them, collect money, and place down more facilities. They keep working even when the app is closed. You just check on it every so often, and you can get more stuff over time.

Cats & Soup screenshot showing a bunch of illustrated cats working at different stations mixing or chopping or preparing food in a forest clearing.Cats & Soup screenshot showing more cats making food but also one playing a guitar and singing into a microphone while wearing a bear costume with a tiny bear eating honey next to them.Cats & Soup screenshot showing the cats, including one on a hammock, but on a beach this time.

It’s so cute though! And chill. I legitimately look forward to the in-game events and reaching certain amounts of gems or points or coins and the time each day when everything refreshes, so that I can get more new stuff. There are all different cat breeds. You can name them. You can get hats and outfits and accessories for them. (One of my cats even has a jetpack, and instead of running around from place to place, he flies.) You can get little animal friends that follow them around. Each one has a mini room you can buy furniture, flooring, and wallpaper for. You can move your finger around the screen while in a mini room, and the cat will look at it. There are rest facilities where the cats can read a book or lie in a hammock or jump on a trampoline. There are extra facilities that boost production and also just look cute. There are themes you can get to replace the forest, just for the aesthetic.

That’s about it. It’s cute and relaxing, and I’m enjoying it immensely! Now enjoy these screenshots of some of my cats 🙂

Cats & Soup screenshot showing Hammy's mini room. A manx (brown and white cat) with a little pet that is a lion but with petals as a mane. The room has orange floor, yellow wall, bed with yellow blanket, a little dresser, and a wall shelf with some flowers in vases.Cats & Soup screenshot showing Salty's mini room. A Russian blue (bluish gray cat). The room has blue and white tiled floor, white paneling on the bottom of the wall and light blue above, a bookshelf with sea-themed decor, a ship in a bottle on top of it, an anchor on the wall, and a white chair.Cats & Soup screenshot showing Spooky's mini room. A smoke Persian (poofy black cat with gray around neck). The room has grayish floor, orange diamond wallpaper, a fireplace with cobwebs and candles, a fancy orange chair, a spooky portrait, a cuckoo clock, and a window with a full moon and castle in the distance.

I named the first one Hammy because he looks like a hamster to me XD

Short Review:

– No difficulty, just placing and upgrading facilities
– Collect different cat breeds
– Dress up your cats & decorate their rooms
– Cats can even have little pets
– So cute and chill!


(May not include everything)
– No accessibility features that I found.

More Info:

Google Play // Apple App Store



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  1. Roberta R.

    “(One of my cats even has a jetpack, and instead of running around from place to place, he flies.)”
    LOL, what an odd, cute game it must be.

  2. Greg

    I totally love this. Especially that beach scene. I just love chill stuff like this where you can just let things go and check in periodically.

    A jetpack??!?!??