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Fit for a King is an old-school style sandbox-ish game in which you prepare your kingdom for an upcoming summit. As you prepare, you can also explore your kingdom, get drunk, pet animals, and marry, ordain, execute, and knight various living and inanimate things.

Official Description:

Reform the church to divorce and marry as you please. Marry foreign princesses, or, heck, your favourite bookshelf. Or both. Jail your steward. Execute everyone. Ordain your horse as a priest. Knight your bed. Who’s going to stop you? God? Nope. Not after you become the Pope.

This is no game of thrones. This is real life, as Henry VIII would have lived it, if only he had the imagination.

Long Review:

Here are 5 Reasons to try this:

– You can pet (well, try to pet) all the animals! I was a menace and did indeed try to pet them all (even the sharks), though not all would let me.

Screenshot from Fit for a King - Very basic pixel art of a king dead on the ground next to an angry bear. Text shows that the king tried to marry the bear, but the bear was already married, and then the bear struck him.
The bear wouldn’t let me pet it, wouldn’t let me do anything but die, though I did manage to ordain it once lol.

– Getting drunk is hilarious! Just trust me and do it, it will be funnier if you don’t know what will happen. *SPOILER* Not only were there bubbles moving up the screen, when I tried to move, sometimes I wouldn’t go where I wanted to go. E.g. I’d press to move left, and I’d end up left and up. This was compounded by pressing multiple keys quickly, only to realize I was repeatedly running into a wall or piece of furniture. Between the bubbles and the chaotic movement, it did make me feel a bit drunk, probably because I was also laughing so hard at that point. *END SPOILER*

– You can marry, ordain, jail, execute, and knight people, animals, and objects just for funzies. (Some of them don’t really have an effect in the game but come up in the epilogue.)

– The silliness will make you chuckle.

– The conversation + puzzle solving element is neat. You talk to characters, and the basics to ask are name, job, and summit. But you can also ask about words they’ve said. For example, if someone mentions his cats, you can type “cats” and may get more info that unlocks things.

I bought this on sale on Steam for $4.99. It was worth it for that price, but I don’t know if, for me personally, it would’ve been worth the full $9.99 price. I completed the game (winning the summit, the historical mode thing that comes after, and failing the summit) in 4.5 hours, and a fair chunk of that was wandering around looking for chests or trying to figure out what to do next when I felt adrift.

Overall, I’d say this is a fun way to spend a few hours that will probably give you some chuckles!

Screenshot from Fit for a King - Very basic pixel art of a king standing next to a badger. Text says, 'You pet a badger. She seems happy.'

Short Review:

– You can pet all the animals (or try to)
– Getting drunk is hilarious
– The silliness will make you laugh
– The conversation + puzzle solving element is neat
– Overall a fun way to spend a few hours!


(May not include everything)
– Light text on dark background.
– No accessibility for blind players or screen reader users.

More Info:

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  1. Greg

    “get drunk” 🙂

    And a pixel game too, looks like sorta. Reminds me of an old school game like Gauntlet- same visual look.

    “Red elf is hit.” Sorry, it’s a Gauntlet thing…

    “Execute everyone.” That official description!

    I love games when you can get drunk…