Game Review: Tavernier by From the Bard


Tavernier is a fun tavern management game that combines management elements, story elements, and fantasy tropes. Choose the type of customers you want to attract, purchase the right ingredients and perks, make the right choices, and solve the mystery involving the shady mayor before it’s too late.

Tavernier by From the Bard

Official Description:

Tavernier is a mix between a tavern management game and an interactive story, in which you are in charge of a tavern in a medieval fantasy world.

You have to make your business prosper – which implies some supplies and decoration management strategies – while paying the inevitable annoying weekly taxes. But being an innkeeper also means talking directly to your customers. So, be prepared to welcome quite the colorful characters in your tavern, and be careful what you say to them. The way you respond to their problems could impact not only your business but even the whole town!

So will you be a nice, fun guy, or will you be the stingiest person on Earth? Where will your choices lead you, you and the increasingly fishy town that you live in?


– Manage your own tavern!
– Multiple choices and endings!
– Many random events and encounters!


More Info:

You can get more info and download the game here on Steam!


Long Review:

I’ll keep this simple. Here’s a list of reasons why I’ve really enjoyed this game:

– It’s fun!

– The art is simple and has a rough style, but I like it. It suits the game.

– There’s a tavern management aspect (you have to decide wisely how to spend your money, based on what your goals are), and there are also choices to make each “week” of the game that have different outcomes. There’s also a story element with a goal you need to accomplish within 52 weeks. So the gameplay is simple but challenging with a nice mix of things. And some of the Steam achievements are quite difficult to get.

– It has decent replay value. The general goal/ending is still the same, but it’s definitely worth playing multiple times to try different tactics, cater to different crowds, aim for different achievements, and see different choices/outcomes. The playthroughs do get shorter (my first was 60-90 minutes, after that each playthrough has taken me about half an hour) because you come across text you’ve already seen, and they get a little easier since you know some of the outcomes of decisions, but it’s still fun, and there are still new things to be seen, and as I said, some of the achievements are hard to get.

– The game is unexpected, interesting, and humorous at times. For example, it starts off with just townsfolk, rogues, wanderers, and guards, but other types of beings pop up as you play, depending on your choices, like these oddly seductive angels:

– Side note: Nash Bigmuscle is a babe.

Tavernier - Nash Bigmuscle

– It’s great for the price! I got it on sale for about a dollar. At full price it’s $2.99. Either way, it’s worth the amount of enjoyment I’ve gotten from it.

The only thing I dislike is that sometimes I’ll make a choice, and the outcome doesn’t really seem to make sense. It’s frustrating when that happens. But it’s a small issue.

Overall, I’ve had a lot of fun playing this and trying to get all the achievements!


Short Review:

– Simple, rough art that suits the game
– Tavern management + story element + timed goal
– Achievements for different challenges make great replay
– Unexpected and humorous
– Overall fun!


(May not include everything)
– Not accessible for blind / visually impaired players and screen reader users.


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  1. Greg

    A tavern game? That’s so cool. I have to get this. I love the whole fantasy tavern trope thing and I had no idea about this. Definitely am getting it!