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The Secret Life of Dorian Pink is a weird, fun, gay, free game that includes narrative, choices, and RPG elements, inspired by The Picture of Dorian Gray. Play as a reformed Dorian, and travel through Hell, talk to people, gather allies, and make choices in order to rescue your boyfriend, Basil, from the Devil.

Official Description:

A reimagination of the scandalous Victorian classic, the Picture of Dorian Gray by Oscar Wilde

Dorian has put his Gray past behind him. He is now Dorian Pink, a wholesome, wondrous, wrinkly old man, and is boyfriends with Basil Hallward. Alas, Dorian’s old friend, the Devil, kidnaps Basil to cook for a Feastival. Blasphemy!!! Now Dorian has to go back to his Gray past in Hell to rescue his one true love.

Long Review:

This was such a weird, silly, fun game! Clearly made by someone who loves the original story. I don’t remember every detail of Dorian Gray (one of my favorite classics), but I feel like this captured a certain element of its spirit.

It has visual novel and RPG elements. You talk to people and make choices. You wander around and explore. You play delightfully strange mini games where you do things like bonking ducks and shaving people’s chests. My favorite was putting together an outfit for the Devil—I like dress up games, I am who I am, and I will not apologize for it! His wardrobe is fabulous!

Screenshot from Dorian Pink - A rubber duck all squished, a mallet hovering over it, and the word BONK in comic book style.

There are multiple endings, so choices matter, but I had no idea in what way they mattered or what any of my choices were going to affect. This is a lot of fun in the first playthrough, just getting to see what happens. And then, if you get stuck and don’t know what to do differently, here’s a guide that helps with some of the endings and achievements.

The game autosaves, which is not my favorite because it means you have to start over if you want to try even the smallest different choice. But if you know how to back up the save files, you can do that. The game loads up really fast, so the closing and reloading isn’t much issue.

All the art is great. The characters and backgrounds are unique and somewhat surreal, and the pixel art is fun! (I especially love the way Dorian walks, such a strut!) All with a black, white, and pink aesthetic. There are even some really fun CGs to unlock. They don’t stay unlocked in the gallery once you start a new game, but maybe that will be changed in an update. There are a couple NSFW visuals of body parts, just a warning.

Screenshot from Dorian Pink - What looks like a polaroid of Dorian looking over his shoulder at the viewer all suave, while a vampire leans out from behind him and waves.

The music is great too. Sometimes whimsical, sometimes serene. There’s also a whole cut scene performance with, I believe, an original song, and it’s actually a bop!

I played about 6 hours total. My first playthrough took about 2.5 hours. Each one after that was shorter, but you still have to click through text, walk around, sit through cut scenes, etc.

Also it’s free!

Overall, this was so weird and so gay, with a lovely little story about redemption! (Depending on your choices, of course.)

Screenshot from Dorian Pink - The Devil saying, 'In this Devil's presence, you do a lap dance to offer your respects.'

Short Review:

– Visual novel and RPG elements
– Multiple outcomes and achievements
– Delightfully strange mini games
– Cool story inspired by Dorian Gray
– Great, unique, surreal art
– Overall, so weird, so fun, and so gay!


(May not include everything)
– Not accessible for blind players or screen reader users.
– Light text on dark background.

More Info:

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