Bookish News: Goldfinch Vol. 1 Kickstarter + 6 Fun Facts about the Series


I like to peruse Kickstarter sometimes and see if I can find anything good, and the other day I happened to stumble upon this graphic novel, Goldfinch Vol. 1. I haven’t read it yet (since it’s not out yet), but from what I can see, it’s got a fantasy setting, gangsters, f/f romance, and gorgeous full-color art, and it looks super cute!

If you’re already interested, you can go support the project and get yourself a copy here!

But then make sure you come back, or just keep on scrolling, because in addition to letting you all know about this awesome-sounding comic, I have some fun and interesting facts about the series that the creators, Sam and Ari, were nice enough to share with me so that I could share them with you! So let’s get to the facts, shall we?

5 Fun Facts about the Goldfinch Series

1) We had the main characters, Oran and Leah, for a long time before we had the plot. It was almost two years before we settled on a 1920-1930s inspired setting.

2) Goldfinch is (somewhat) a companion story to our webcomic, Woodlands. It’s not necessary to read Woodlands first, but those who do will pick up on little easter eggs that hint to the colorful history of the city of Portica. For example, Krane Park (where Oran and Leah first meet) is named after the main character of Woodlands, Edwyn Krane. Edwyn played a big role in establishing the city in its infancy.

3) The world that both Goldfinch and Woodlands take place in is named Tieloska, and was created for a D&D campaign that Ari DM’s. The D&D campaign also begins in the city of Portica, but way before Goldfinch takes place. Hopefully someday that story will get made into a comic and complete the whole sordid history of the city.

4) Music plays a big part in Goldfinch (strange choice for a visual medium, we know, lol). We knew we were going to be drawing a guitar a lot in the comic, so instead of trying to find photo reference, we broke down and actually bought a guitar so we could capture any angle we need. In the comic, Oran’s guitar is named Chalaakhlaqi Musafir, after an old folk hero she looks up to.

5) The Goldfinch lounge that the gang operates out of is roughly based on the old Bowery Boys and Five Points gangs out of New York. The lounge itself was originally just going to straight up sell bootlegged liquor, but to bolster the fantasy narrative we decided it would be more fun to have them sell bootlegged potions (charms, enchantments and hexes).

6) Everyone has that big montage song they would use if their story was a movie and this was for the trailer. This is that.


Thank you so much Sam and Ari for sharing these! I have to say, the Prohibition Era has always been one of my favorite settings, and I absolutely love the idea of bootlegged potions in a 1920s-inspired fantasy version. Also that song is amazing!


About Goldfinch Vol. 1

Description from the Kickstarter: “The Goldfinch is a lounge illegally serving potions and elixirs to patrons wanting to escape the harsh war-torn reality of the city of Portica. This high fantasy turn of the century gangster noir follows ex-factory worker, Leah, after she makes a bold statement to the higher-ups about poor working conditions. Little did she know that a prospect for her next job lands her at The Goldfinch as the getaway driver for the gang running it.

She meets the owner of the lounge, a suave, musically inclined eccentric by the name of Oran, and is thrown into an undercover world of crime, bootlegging, and… hog melons? The two must navigate double-crossings and routine bombings from the war, as well as their kindling feelings for each other.

Goldfinch is a found-family story meant for teen and up audiences. It explores the power of ambition and the resilience of true love.”

Head over to the Kickstarter page to learn more, see all the awesome stuff you can get, and back this project! And whether you back the project or not, you can always help the creators by spreading the word 🙂


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  1. Greg

    This looks promising. The 20’s/30’s setting, the lounge and potions too? Bootlegged potions?? Definitely sound fun.

    I like the D&D connection too.

  2. Lola

    This does look good and sounds pretty unique too. What an interesting tidbit that it started as a D&D campaign setting.

    1. Kristen Burns

      Lol yeah that’s the problem, browsing Kickstarter is risky because I want everything and I can’t afford it all! This one just looked too good to pass up though!

  3. Daniela Ark

    oh I love how this sounds! A fantasy about gangsters! YAY! Prohibition Era is such an entertaining framework for any story! I bet this will be a success! 🙂