Graphic Novel Review: Schmuck the Buck by Exo Books [Repost]


Larry has been picked on and excluded for being one of the only Jewish reindeer in the North Pole. But one year, when a mistake is made that could ruin the holiday for all the boys and girls across the world, Larry comes up with a plan that saves Christmas.

*This is a repost! If this review looks familiar, it's probably because you've been following me for a while and have seen it before. I thought the book deserved an extra boost!*

[Originally posted on 12/3/18]

Graphic Novel Review: Schmuck the Buck by Exo Books | Comics, Picture Books, Christmas, Funny
Title: Schmuck the Buck
Pages: 61
My Rating: 4 Stars
More Info: Goodreads, Amazon


*I received an ecopy of this book from the author. This has not influenced my review.*

Ok, here are all the reasons I loved this strange, little comic/picture book (and all the reasons you should read it):

– The art was colorful, detailed, and full of life. It was perfect for this whimsical comic about reindeer.

– Sometimes there were these great, and hilarious, details in the background, like the “grass pyramid” poster in the cafeteria.

– The reindeer wore ornaments hanging from their antlers like jewelry. I don’t why I loved that so much, but I did.

– There were jock reindeer, hipster reindeer, nerdy reindeer—it was the whole high school stereotype thing, which was fun because, you know, they were reindeer.

– There was some nice diversity/inclusivity. The main character, Larry, was Jewish, the elves had all different skin colors, and Santa and Mrs. Claus were Black. And the book overall had this nice message about how regardless of your religion, holidays are about celebration, and we’re all the same on the inside.

– It cracked me up and was just funny and cute. It’s a comic with the kind of humor adults will understand more, but kids and teens might enjoy it too. (Note: There is one page that shows an elf mooning someone.)

Overall this was a short, humorous, satirical-but-sweet holiday comic/picture book for adults (or possibly all ages), and I recommend it if you want a laugh!


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  1. Lola

    This sounds so cute and fun to read. And I like how you describe they have ornaments hanging from their antlers, that sounds like such a fun thing. That’s neat how it also had diversity and a message of acceptance. I’ve read one picture book this year and they can be fun to read and I like seeing the art.

  2. Olivia Roach

    The title of this graphic novel was already cute, but then reading your review made me smile all the more. I love that it is so colourful, cute but also funny. I love some humor when I am reading. I am so endeared to this book from the review alone. You should see me smiling while writing this xD