Graphic Novel Review: The Prince and the Dressmaker by Jen Wang

Sebastian is a 16-year-old prince in a line of military leaders, but he likes wearing dresses and worries what his parents and society will think, so he pretends to be a girl and hires a young seamstress in secret. When she discovers he's a boy, she doesn't care, and they grow close as she designs dresses and they hit the town together.

Book Cover - The Prince and the Dressmaker by Jen Wang
Title: The Prince and the Dressmaker
Pages: 288
My Rating: 4.5 Stars
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This was sweet and cute and made me want to cry but in the good way! It also made me smile so big. There’s no explicit talk of gender, just that the prince likes to wear dresses and sometimes feels like himself as the prince and sometimes as Lady Crystallia, but it definitely gave me the gender feels, especially when he was so happy and confident ❤️❤️❤️

The art was eye-catching and colorful and unique and lovely. I especially enjoyed seeing all the dresses!

I normally don’t read non-SFF books, but this was just so gosh darn cute I didn’t even notice it technically wasn’t fantasy until I finished. (Which is why I wasn’t going to review it on my blog—I review SFF books—but sometimes books with historical settings are a slightly altered version of the world, which feels like fantasy, you know?)

I’m not sure if this is more YA or MG, but I think it’s suitable for all ages.

Overall, a lovely, adorable story about figuring out and being comfortable with who you are and finding people who love you for it!

*Rating: 4.5 Stars // Read Date: 2022 // Format: Ebook*

Panel 1: Frances saying to the prince, 'When I saw you last night, something clicked. You really were Lady Crystallia!' Panel 2: Doe eyed Frances saying, 'It was you, but you were more. Bigger. More amazing.' Panel 3: Even closer shot of Frances saying, 'You were like a goddess version of yourself. It was magic.' Panel 4: Both of them looking at each other, the prince smiling and saying, 'You know, I felt it, too! Something about wearing your dress transformed me.'


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