Graphic Novel Review: The Snake Who Loved A Sparrow by Nna Natsuo

In a world of animal people, Komazu (a sparrow) is terrified of snakes and is surprised when one saves his life. Shirato fights against his nature because he doesn't want to eat anyone, and the two of them start falling for each other, despite knowing it's probably a bad idea.

Book Cover - The Snake Who Loved A Sparrow by Nna Natsuo
Title: The Snake Who Loved A Sparrow
Pages: 224
My Rating: 4 Stars
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*I received an ecopy of this book from the publisher. This has not influenced my review.*

This was really sweet and cute!

Shirato was such a quiet, gentle character. Komazu was rash and enthusiastic. Both were sweethearts. And their romance was very cute. A bit fast perhaps, but still very cute. A bit angsty too, because of the difficulties of a sparrow and a snake being together. Speaking of which…

This was an interesting fantasy world. It seemed to be full of animal people who were also shifters, essentially, since they had humans forms and animal forms but they thought of themselves as just the animal, and there were no regular animals. So they, well, ate each other, as animals do (but you don’t see any of that, it’s just talked about). And that’s where the premise comes in. I felt so bad for poor Shirato. A snake who didn’t want to kill, who felt terrible any time he did, who planted flowers for all the lives he took, but had to do it in order to survive. Anyway, they also had characteristics of their animals, both physical and mental, while in human form (e.g. the sparrows had wings, the snakes had fangs). *SPOILER (for cute moments)* Komazu was happy that Shirato liked his singing and dancing (because that’s how birds mate) and Shirato felt loved when Komazu would hug him tight (because snakes wrap around each other), and those were such cute little things to include!!! *END SPOILER* Also, the sparrows lived in giant bird houses with circle window openings and perches, which was adorable!

There is explicit sex in here, and if you like, ah, let’s say… interesting anatomy? Then you’re gonna enjoy this, because there is indeed some interesting non-human anatomy. (Snake dick. It’s snake dick.) But don’t worry, all the sex was in their human forms. And it wasn’t all about the sex, there was more to their relationship than that.

Trigger/content warning for sort of accidental sexual assault. (Komazu didn’t know what Shirato’s genitals were because he didn’t have the same kind, so he didn’t know it was weird to touch them. But Shirato liked it, and it eventually turned into a sexy thing.)

The art was black and white, and the human drawings and scenery were lovely, but the animal drawings were especially adorable. Truly the epitome of a birb and a snek. ❤️

Overall, this was a cute and sexy graphic novel about lovable characters with adorable little animal forms and a sweet romance!

*Rating: 4 Stars // Read Date: 2022 // Format: Ebook*


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  1. Jessica

    I don’t like Laurell K Hamilton’s books anymore, but her books had shapeshifters in them. But the sex got too weird for me and too much sex so I stopped reading her books. Another book series that has characters shifting into animals would be the martial arts fantasy book series by Kylie Chan. That series was awesome.

  2. Greg

    Sounds really unique, and I love the sound of those bird houses. Little details like that especially when they’re cozy really appeal to me. I love the idyllic bird house/ elves livjng in trees/ all that kinda stuff thing lol.