Blogging Tips: How to Find Upcoming Book Releases


I used to wonder how people were able to find out about upcoming books months in advance. Backlist books are great, but hyping up and getting excited about upcoming books is fun too, and I wanted to join in!

So I started figuring it out, and I thought I’d share my methods of finding upcoming releases. There are, of course, many different ways to find out about books, but, well, these are mine, and maybe they’ll work for other people too 🙂

NetGalley, Edelweiss, and Other ARC Sites

If you don’t know what NetGalley and Edelweiss are, they’re sites where reviewers can request ecopies of books being offered for review. I’m not sure if you can see all the books on each site without an account, but if you do have an account, this is a great and easy way to find upcoming books! Not all the books posted are upcoming, but many are.

Publisher Catalogs

Most publishers put out catalogues each season to share what books they’ll be publishing. This takes a little more effort as you have to know what publisher to look into for specific imprints, you have to actually find the catalogs, and sometimes the catalogs include books that have already been releases but are just coming out in a different format (e.g. already available in hardcover but now coming out paperback). It can also be hard to find catalogs, but don’t worry, I’ve already found some for you!

Many publishers make their catalogs available on Edelweiss. You just need to go to the “Catalogs” tab. From there, you can browse, or you can search for specific ones in the small search bar (it’s below the bigger search bar). But you will likely have to search for the big pub, not the imprint.

Macmillan catalogs (including St. Martin’s Griffin, St. Martin’s Press, Tor,, Wednesday Books, and other imprints) can be found here.

HarperCollins catalogs can be found on Edelweiss via this page.

Simon & Schuster catalogs (including Saga Press, Gallery, Simon & Schuster Books for Young Readers, and other imprints) can be found here.

Publisher Mailing Lists & Websites

A less daunting way to find out about upcoming books, or a way to find out for those publishers who don’t have catalogs available (including many indie and small press publishers), is simply to check their websites! Most publisher websites have an “upcoming books” section.

If you’re a reviewer, you might even be able to get onto the mailing list for publishers you like. If you do, they’ll send emails every so often that share their upcoming books so that you can request them for review.

If you’re not a reviewer or not able to get on a list, you can still sign up for regular newsletters. Those usually talk about about new and upcoming releases!

Goodreads Lists

Goodreads lists are great because your fellow book lovers have already done the work for you 😉 Honestly, to find them, I just search online for “[month] [year] releases Goodreads” or something along those lines, and numerous options come up to check out.

Goodreads Giveaways

Goodreads giveaways are another way I’ve found upcoming books I hadn’t heard about anywhere else, though this method isn’t as reliable since the giveaways going on aren’t just for new and upcoming releases.


Here’s how to find upcoming books on Amazon:

– Go to Amazon.
– In the dropdown, select “Books” or “Kindle Store”.
– On the left side, you can filter by genre if you want to. (If you’re in Kindle Store, you first have to select “Kindle eBooks”, then you can select a genre.)
– Scroll down until you get to the section where everything is laid out with the book cover on the left, info on the right.
– Change the “Sort by” dropdown menu to “Publication Date”.

Voila! Now you can see upcoming books, sorted by newest (furthest publication date) to oldest.

Other Bloggers

Last but not least, bloggers are a great resource! Blog posts about upcoming book, memes, social media posts—we’re always talking about books we’re looking forward to or that we think other people should read. I’ve found out about lots of books just by stumbling onto them when another blogger mentioned them!


Talk to me!

How do you find out about upcoming book releases?
Do you like knowing what books will be published soon?


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  1. Greg

    Great tips! I almost never request ARC’s but I still troll thru Netgalley’s lists from time to time to see what’s coming. 🙂

  2. imyril

    I’ve been wanting to focus more on new releases, and been equally daunted about the legwork/research involved. Great post, thank you! 🙂

  3. Maxine

    Fantastic post. Thank you for all the publisher information.
    I use NetGalley a lot, but over the last year at least 90% of my book info comes from Twitter and other blogs. The amount of new authors I have come across is crazy and it has opened me up to Self Published authors, which I tended to avoid before.
    I have maybe 4 or 5 bloggers whose opinion on fantasy is always the same as mine, so they are great resources for me as they get so many arcs from publishers.

    1. Kristen Burns


      Yeah, it seems the longer I’ve blogged, the more I hear about books from other bloggers. Finding upcoming self-pub books has proven difficult for me though. I don’t have a reliable method for that even though I’d love to find one since I love reading self-pub books.

  4. Amber Elise @ Du Livre

    I’ve gotten so lazy about being aware about what books that’s coming out. I try to check out Publishers Weekly each week, but mostly I get all my information from twitter. Haha.

    Great resources!

  5. Lola

    Great post! It can be hard to hear about new releases when you don’t know any of these methods. I mostly use author newsletter, Netgalley (and sometimes Edelweiss) and other bloggers/ social media to hear about new and upcoming releases.

    When I was new to blogging I also wondered how people heard about new/ upcoming releases, but the more I got into blogging, the more I found methods to hear about new releases. I mostly read indie books nowadays so author websites and social media are one of my main ways of hearing about new releases. And I also like hearing about new books on other blogs. And I regularly scroll through netgalley which is also a great way to see up and coming books.

    I never knew you could see catalogs on Edelweiss tough. That’s interesting. I also never thought to use Amazon in that way and didn’t realize you could sort like that and see upcoming releases. I rarely use Goodreads list to find new books, but have a few times in the past., especially with new to me genres And I have read some books and see they have been added to lists like you mentioned with the genre and year or even month of release.

    1. Kristen Burns

      Yeah in the beginning, it was always baffling to me how people found out lol. I still have a very hard time finding out about upcoming self pub releases though. It seems many authors don’t even have a newsletter, or they do, but they don’t mention that they have a book coming out until it’s basically out. And of course that doesn’t help find out about authors you’re not following. The Amazon method is one of the only ways I know of to maybe find upcoming self pub. But yeah, the Amazon sorting is helpful!

  6. ShootingStarsMag

    I love knowing what books are coming out, and I’m pretty sure I’ve used all of these methods before over the years. Thanks for sharing them though – definitely a great guide. 🙂


  7. Uma @Books.Bags.Burgers.

    I agree with what you say about being excited for upcoming books <3 NetGalley, Publisher newsletters , Goodreads lists and from other bloggers are where I usually find out about upcoming books! <3

  8. Genni @ Ready, Set, Read!

    Great advice Kristen! When I first started blogging I was always wondering how people were all in the loop about upcoming releases. I definitely go through Netgalley and see what is coming up. Also, goodreads, while at times daunting and filled with so many books, is one of the other big ways I find upcoming releases! I’m still trying to figure out Edelweiss (I don’t like the interface as much as NG), but I’m recently getting the hang of looking through different catalogs.

  9. Tanya @ Girl Plus Books

    These are great tips, Kristen! I typically stick with GoodReads and author newsletters for a heads up on new releases. I request fewer and fewer arcs so I’m rarely on NG and Edelweiss anymore. Thanks for sharing!

  10. Daniela Ark

    At the beginning of the year I created Shelves for new releases for each month I usually add the ARCs I like when I visit Netgalley to these shelves and once a month I google “new releases” which usually send me to the GR list 🙂
    Great tips!

  11. JennRenee

    I think I find most of mine on Goodreads lists, Bloggers, and Netgalley. I do find some one amazon but I find most of the time the recommends they have… I already knew about. so it doesn’t do me much good.

  12. Bookworm Brandee

    Thanks for sharing the “methods to your madness”, Kristen! LOL I hadn’t thought of checking publisher catalogs, actually. I used to work at B&N so I was always kinda “in the know” but since I stopped working there, I feel a bit disconnected from what’s new sometimes. Crazy seeing as I’m a blogger, huh? But it’s true. Great post!

  13. Becky @ A Fool's Ingenuity

    I’ve fully accepted I am never going to know when new books are coming out. I can normally remember when about 2 books are coming out at any one time and unless I preorder it then it will probably take me 6 weeks to even realise it’s been released otherwise. That being said, there are some good tips here. I know Netgalley and Edelweiss help me remember but I always forget about publisher catalogues. I occasionally browse them but then forget about releases anyway.

  14. Stephanie Jane (Literary Flits)

    I love trawling through NetGalley’s listings but I daren’t join Edelweiss as well. I did think about it, but think I’s drown in ARCs!
    Personally I love doing the rounds of other book blogs to see what people are getting excited for 🙂

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  16. Gayathri

    For someone like me who is always out of loop and get confused with the ARC and release dates, this post comes in so handy at the right time.

  17. Olivia-Savannah Roach

    Okay, so a lot of the ways you have mentioned are actually places I am avoiding because I am trying to cull my to read list and buy fewer books so I will be able to actually read the books I own first and foremost. The only way I am adding books to my list is through posts from bloggers and reviews! Which makes me happy because not only am I learning about new books but also backlist titles too.

    1. Kristen Burns

      Lol yeah they’re probably not good if you’re actively trying to avoid adding to your TBR, haha. But learning about new books from bloggers is great!

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  20. Jessica

    I find out about upcoming books from book bloggers and authors I follow on Facebook. But I mainly have been reading older books. Right now I reading Courting Darkness by Robin LaFevers that came out this year. I found out about because I follow her on facebook. I’m hoping to read either Pet Sematary or a book by Agatha Christie next.

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