Update: Life and Books (Dec 2023) + One Last Art


I feel like I’m supposed to start this post by saying, “Happy New Year!” but that would feel disingenuous. This year isn’t going to be any happier for me than the last one was. But this post isn’t about the new year, so ha. Take that, 2024! It’s about what I did in December.

And one of the things I did was make art! And I’m so happy with how it came out. Seriously, this is what I was imagining, and it’s better than I thought it would turn out. (I almost lost this when the whole folder it was in corrupted. Thankfully I try to remember to back up in-progress art on a different drive, and I had backed this one up recently. Back up your shit! It’ll save you one day!) It’s my latest Sun Haven character and his two husbands (Vaan and Wesley), posed like that Anne Hathaway Twelfth Night photo.

Digital art of three elven men. In the middle is a blushing man with curly black hair and white antlers, wearing a lace-up shirt and a brown cape. On one side, he's being kissed by man with shoulder-length red hair and two blue lines marking his cheek, wearing a blue cape, teal scarf, and blue/white/gold arm bands on his forearms, holding a blue pinwheel across the first man's chest. On the other side, resting his head on the first man's shoulder with eyes closed, is a man with chin-length green hair with a white streak in front and a green diamond on each cheek, wearing a small green cape with a fluffy neck lining, brown sleeves and gloves, and a large gold hoop earring. No background, just light green.

Here’s the rest of my art from the year (mostly). I don’t love all of them, but I actually am pretty happy with or proud of how a lot of these turned out. Some of these are the best coloring/shading I’ve done. Some were new things I tried. Some I didn’t like at first, but they grew on me.

Collage of my art throughout the year. Includes an oyster merman, Project Zomboid fan art, a pink haired vampire showing his fangs, a sea turtle merman, Frankenstein and his creature about to kiss, profile of a bald man with a pointy faery ear in colorful watercolor, a man's face in pain/pleasure while being bitten by a vampire, a moth demon with big black eyes and yellow antennae, a pink tailed merman on a dock, a lovestruck cyclops, and a man with antlers being kissed by an elf while another elf hugs him.

I also wanted to share this one I did for a subreddit where people post nude photos and other people draw them. I didn’t share it here for reasons, so I’ll delete it soon. But I was sad no one saw when I linked it on Twitter because I tried something different and it turned out so good and I’m really proud of it. (It’s only mildly NSFW.)

[deleted the art like I said I would, sorry]

One last art thing, I’ve added a page to gather all my art. If you follow me, you’ve probably seen it all already. Just wanted to mention it though.

Moving on, pretty much the rest of my time has been taken up with playing Baldur’s Gate 3. It’s the most expensive game I’ve ever bought, besides The Sims (when you count expansions), but I’m glad I treated myself. I’ve never played this kind of game because normally they have real-time combat, but this one is turn-based! And also the game is gorgeous, and the clothes/armor/dyes are so much fun (I do love a dress-up game), the characters are interesting, there are just so many choices that can affect things, and I’m having a lot of fun. Here’s my elf druid at various stages of his journey! I might have completed my first playthrough by the time you’re reading this, since I’m right near the end as I type this.

Screenshot of my character in Baldur's Gate 3. He has light skin, freckled cheeks and shoulders, pointy ears, green hair with pink highlights that is braided on the sides and sorta mohawk on top, one green and one blue eye, and a squiggly vinelike green tattoo around his eye and down his face and neck. A crown of little branches and berries rests on his forehead. His clothes are green and brown with leaves on the shoulders. Forest is behind him.
Same character, this time with a crew (Wyll, Astarion, Shadowheart). He's wearing animal hide that has sorta mossy green fringe on it, and a helmet with antlers and fabric that drapes down like a hood.
Same character, but wearing a fancier nature-y outfit with designs on it, and green cloth with shiny gold swirls like a hood on his head with antlers attached to it.

I really didn’t do much else. This was the year I finally lost my Christmas spirit, so I didn’t do anything Christmas-y. And no plans because, even if I weren’t so tired, there’s still a pandemic going on, and my family members aren’t wearing masks anymore, which puts my life at risk.

Anyway, I think that’s it for now? Just trying to keep chugging along.

Blog/Bookish Updates:

I’m sorry to all the people who’ve commented on my blog in the last couple months who I haven’t responded to. I’m so behind. I still have a few unreplied to comments from October even. I have read them all! I appreciate them! I am just struggling, and replying to comments and commenting on other blogs often feels exhausting and overwhelming.

But in better news, I’m joining the Discussion Challenge! Again! Hosted by Shannon @ It Starts at Midnight and Nicole @ Feed Your Fiction Addiction. I’m going for “Creative Conversationalist” which is 11-20 posts, because I’d like to do about one a month.

2024 Discussion Challenge Banner


Books I Received for Review:

I don’t think I got any in December? I’ve barely even looked at ARC sites lately.


Books I Finished:

The Rebel Witch by Lexi BlakeAll the Hidden Paths by Foz MeadowsBoth Sides of the Moon by Fell A. Marsh

If you’re considering buying one of the books below from Amazon, I’d really appreciate if you’d use my affiliate link!

I did not realize I only read three books in December. Huh.

The Rebel Witch by Lexi Blake – This was a pretty mid book in the series for me. Didn’t hate it. Didn’t love it.

✨ All the Hidden Paths by Foz Meadows – I did love this one though! These lovable characters and their struggles and trying to figure out how to have a relationship amidst the trauma and politics.

Both Sides of the Moon by Fell A. Marsh – This was a sweet romance, and I liked the portrayal of queerness that didn’t fit perfectly into boxes.


Talk to me!

Are you excited for a new year?
Have you found any good books, games, etc. lately?


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  1. Becky @ A Fool's Ingenuity

    We always have to say happy new year, regardless of if it’s actually happy or even anything to be excited about. The pessimist in me wants to be negative about it but then the power of a new year has me feeling slightly optimistic with the potential a new year offers.

    I’ve been loving your art this year, even though I’ve missed half of it! The NSFW picture is stunning! I wish I’d seen that one before it deserves all the love for the different style used it really works.

    OMG you’re playing Baldur’s Gate 3? I keep talking myself out of buying for the price but everything about it makes me want to buy because it looks so good! I’m kind of hoping if I wait long enough there’ll be a sale but I think I’m being a bit optimistic. I am going to live vicariously through anything you post about it until I get convinced to buy it.

    1. Kit (Metaphors and Moonlight)

      That you haven’t seen some of these is proof that I am capable of sometimes finishing art without bothering you about it, haha. Thank you!!

      I’ve been posting about it on Tumblr, though with occasional (tagged) spoilers. I’m sure there will be good sales eventually, but it might be years, so I just bought it. I’ve already spent 170 hours playing!

  2. Roberta R.

    Don’t worry about comments – we know you read them, regardless of your replying to them or not!

    I’m looking forward to those discussion posts, and as usual, I have to say that you’re very talented when it comes to art (it’s nice to have a recap of the things you did in that department last year, while the Reddit drawing is new to me…👏).

    I used to wish my friends a merry Christmas and a happy new year on Twitter (or Goodreads, in some cases), but – even if Twitter weren’t a wasteland right now – I didn’t have the will and energy this time, so I get how you’ve been feeling. I still hope that your 2024 won’t suck, at the very least 💙. Sure that’s not too much to ask?

    1. Kit (Metaphors and Moonlight)

      Here I am finally responding to a comment from over a month ago, haha.

      Thank you!! I don’t have it in me to wish everyone happy holidays anymore either, unless they reach out first. I still don’t have high hopes for the year, but perhaps the bad things can at least be put off for another year *sigh*

  3. Kristina

    I love the art, you’re so skilled! 🥰 I love the mermaid one. Ofcourse don’t pressure yourself dear, bloghopping & replying do feel like an overwhelming task at time.

  4. Karen

    Ha! The new year loophole lol

    I’m not on SM much at all anymore so I’m glad your shared some of your gorgeous art on the blog (not that I’m much better blog visiting either – but I get here eventually lol)

    The visuals for that game are stunning!

  5. Jessica

    I didn’t really feel Christmasy either. I had alot of stuff going on. One thing was that I had mammogram and they asked to come in for more views and now I have to a do biopsy. It won’t be anything. I am listening to the Silo series by Hugh Howey. I am on the last book and it’s called Dust. I have been watching Fubar, Beacon 23 (it’s also a book by Hugh Howey which I listened to), The Power (based on a book I read), The Righteous Gemstones (season 2), and One Piece (the anime). Chris, my boyfriend, had come down for a visit for Christmas and he wanted us to watch the show One Piece. We didn’t watch all of it. We also watched Wonka at the movie theater. It was really good.

    1. Kit (Metaphors and Moonlight)

      Sorry it’s taken me so long to respond. I hope the biopsy went well. I might try the One Piece show on Netflix, I think I might like that more than the anime. Glad to hear Wonka is good! I’ll probably watch it when it’s on Netflix or somewhere free lol.