Update: Life and Books (Jan 2024)


Ok someone please tell me how to intro these posts, because I don’t know anymore. I’ve had this blog for over eight years, I’ve used every update intro that exists. There are no more left.

I have spent my free time this month playing Baldur’s Gate 3! Again! I finished another playthrough. It’s just such a cool game. I love all the characters. I’ve been posting about it a bunch on Tumblr. (If you thought it was weird that I’m attracted to Sir Robot IV with his TV head… you should see one of the guy’s I’m attracted to in this game 😅) I even have a new husband! (Well, technically he’s my character’s husband, since I was not playing as myself.) I was smitten, charmed, and delighted by Gale from the moment I met him in my second playthrough.

Screenshot of Gale from BG3. A man with shoulder-length wavy brown hair, top half pulled back, wearing a silver circlet and a fancy dark blue robe with silver trim, a wooden and silver staff on his back.

Anyway, I don’t have anything else worth talking about right now (the amount of tylenol I took or the frozen meals I ate don’t exactly make for exciting topics—I’m so glamorous, I know), so have another BG3 picture before you go! This description makes me really concerned about where this man (not the one above, a different man) keeps his hamster…

Screenshot from BG3 of Minsc's underwear (white, lace in front, similar to boxer briefs) with description: Tight, aerodynamic, and built for maximum breathability. Humidity is no friend to hamsters.

Blog/Bookish Updates:

Nothing this month.


Books I Received for Review:

I haven’t been requesting books lately, but this one was a surprise bookmail from Simon & Schuster!

Drawing Deena by Hena Khan. Cover is artwork of a young girl with dark curly hair, sitting with a sketchbook and pencil, wearing a bright yellow shirt. The background is teal with bright yellow flowers and bright swirly yellow and green designs.

I also got a farming sim set in a Japanese fantasy world called Immortal Life from YiFang Studio that looks cute with beautiful graphics, and I’m excited to play it!


Books I Finished:

Wish You Were Here by E.M. Jeanmougin & Jay WrightBorn of Scourge by S. Jean

If you’re considering buying one of the books below from Amazon, I’d really appreciate if you’d use my affiliate link!

Wish You Were Here by E.M. Jeanmougin & Jay Wright – This is one of my favorite series, and I always enjoy reading more of these books.

Born of Scourge by S. Jean – This was such a cool idea about a star-turned-humanoid and a story that was somehow dark but gentle.


Talk to me!

How has your January been?
Find any good books, games, movies, etc. lately?


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  1. Lola

    I heard good things about Baldur’s Gate, but haven’t played it myself. Glad to hear you’re enjoying it so much. As for the blog post intro, I would say just skip it if you can’t think of anything. Drawing Deena sounds good and that cover is pretty! I’ll have to look it up. And that game you got Immortal Life sounds very promising and the graphics look good, will add it to my wishlist.

    One of my favorite books this month was The Very Secret Society of Irregular Witches and gaming wise I really enjoyed A Short Hike, it was super cosy and fun.

  2. Roberta R.

    You can still use a copy-and-paste intro – I do it for some of my posts (when I don’t simply greet my readers with a “Hello sweeties!” straight from Doctor Who LOL). We won’t mind 🙂.

    Maybe “hamster” is a new slang word for the male apparate? 🤣

    Yay for book mail! I mean, when someone goes out of their way to send you physical books…🤩

  3. Karen

    Ha! this is me. I keep starting my posts with apologizing for being absent/not reading/not replying/a brief catch up – vanish again – repeat.

    At this point, I think so many of us are blogging this way that we all get it lol

    The hamster underwear thing made me laugh. That sounds uncomfortable. For everyone involved.

  4. Angela @ Literary Wanderer

    Some months are more exciting than others – I totally get it! January is always a hard month, too.

  5. ShootingStarsMag

    January was longgg and I didn’t really get a lot of reading done. I don’t know. It was a fairly good month I guess but glad it’s over. A couple of my friends are LOVING BG3.


  6. Becky @ A Fool’s Ingenuity

    I’ve been trying to talk myself out of Baldur’s Gate 3 yet everyone keeps talking about it. I can’t believe you’ve done multiple playthroughs already! I was trying to wait for my birthday to invest, which is only the end of the month, but I think if I can finish Horizon I might just treat myself early. I’m also a total sucker for farming sims so I hope the new one is good (I’m on another save on Stardew Valley which I started for the new update coming but I’ll probably be too far in by the time it’s released so will need a new new save).

    1. Kit (Metaphors and Moonlight)

      Well there’s your problem. You’re supposed to be talking yourself INTO buying it. It’s soooo good! I’m only a little into the farming sim, but it’s cute so far. I finally bought Stardew but want to wait until the update to start it.

  7. Jessica

    My January was ok. I had to get a breast biopsy done. It didn’t hurt and the results was benign. I listened to a really sad book called The Wall by Marlen Haushofer. There was also a movie based on the book which my mother and I watched together. My mother didn’t like the movie. It was too sad for her. I want to read another book by her. I have been watching The Power which is based on a book I read a long time ago. I also been watching La Brea, The Righteous Gemstones, Dark Winds, and the anime One Piece. I am still watching Disney movies I haven’t seen. Right now I’m doing remakes.

    1. Kit (Metaphors and Moonlight)

      Oh I’m sorry you had to do that but glad it went well. I like sad sometimes, but it’s not for everyone, and even for me depends on my mood. Ooh that sounds fun, there are Disney movies I haven’t seen, including some recent ones, so I’d love to do that too!

  8. Cee

    ‘Ok someone please tell me how to intro these posts, because I don’t know anymore. I’ve had this blog for over eight years, I’ve used every update intro that exists. There are no more left.’ —– mood.