Update: Life and Books (Mar 2023)


I found out that Lost is free with ads on Amazon video and decided to rewatch the series, see if I could make more sense of the ending than I could when it first aired. My verdict is: I still have questions, it does seem a lot of weird stuff was included just for the intrigue, but I do feel like I understood the ending this time, and if you can look past the mysteries and just focus on the characters, it does have really fantastic characters. Though my attention did start to waver a few seasons in when it became a constant barrage of different factions fighting.

I did a Project Zomboid run with a new character (Kendall) and tweeted all about it. I got tired of it after a while though. I was playing on Builder mode and ended up finding the loot settings more frustrating than fun. I’ve already started a new run (Robin), back with my own customized settings, and I’ve turned on an npc mod, which is proving interesting. Anyway, after 200 hours of playing, I think I’m finally getting slightly better at this game!

I also finally got my Covid bivalent booster. Unfortunately, my mother and I were the only people in the drugstore—you know, the place where disabled and immunocompromised people sometimes HAVE to go to get medicines and vaccines—wearing masks. (Though I am still struggling to find an N95 mask that works with my face shape/size.) I also don’t know if the booster worked because the pharmacist pinched my skin up, and you’re not supposed to do that for intramuscular injections. It is what it is now. I’m still doing my best to keep myself and others safe from this ongoing pandemic.

Blog/Bookish Updates:

Did self-hosted WordPress remove a bunch of emojis recently, or am I the only experiencing this? They’ve been replaced with question marks in my blog posts. New ones also get replaced with question marks. Some still work, but most don’t.


Books I Received for Review:

Spell Bound by FT Lukens, from Simon & Schuster—look how pretty!! The Dragon Eater by J. Scott Coatsworth, from NetGalley. Of Knights and Books and Falling in Love by Rita A. Rubin, from the author.

Spell Bound by FT Lukens hardcover front. Art is Rook in a denim jacket and pink jeans holding a flashlight, walking behind Sun in a pink jacket and a snapback over messy hair with electric-looking magic in their hands. Behind them is a haunted house with glowing pink windows and dark green smokelike atmospheric coloring all around. The title is in pink letters.


Books I Finished:

Spell Bound by FT LukensThird Solstice by Harper FoxPreacher, Prophet, Beast by Harper FoxThe Modern Mythos Anomaly by Juniper Lake FitzgeraldNever Never by Serena Valentino

If you’re considering buying one of the books below from Amazon, I’d really appreciate if you’d use my affiliate link!

Spell Bound by FT Lukens – Queer YA with fun magic and cute romance.

Third Solstice // Preacher, Prophet, Beast // Waiting // Underhill // Once Upon a Western Shore // To Find Him and Love Him Again Vol. 1-3 by Harper Fox – I finished rereading and then finished the series (I think). I had some ups and downs with it, but overall I loved the beautiful relationship of the two main characters.

The Modern Mythos Anomaly by Juniper Lake Fitzgerald – An enjoyable m/m vampire/warlock romance with some neat time travel.

The Dragon Eater by J. Scott Coatsworth – I really liked a novella by this author recently, but this book didn’t click with me. It wasn’t really about what the description and title led me to believe.

The Circus Infinite by Khan Wong – I couldn’t get into this one either. It was slow, and I felt no connection in the bit of romance.

Never Never by Serena Valentino – Yet another Captain Hook origin story lol. I think I’m up to six? Unfortunately, I found it sort of bland.


In Case You Missed It:

Here are the highlights!

– I reviewed Cutting Your Teeth by Caylan MacRae, a nice start to a series with a m/m vampire romance.
– I reviewed Spell Bound by FT Lukens, a sweet and fun queer YA about magic and found family.
– I reviewed Strong Wine by A.J. Demas, the finale to a wonderful trilogy with a beautiful m/nby romance.
– I shared book covers featuring robots.
– I did the Fae Book Tag and got to talk about some books I haven’t had much chance to.

– n/a


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Have you found any good books, shows, games, etc. recently?
Have you watched Lost?


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  1. Greg

    200 hours! That game looks so fun.

    No one here wears masks (in fact when I saw a dude in the grocery store with one on I about fell over, it’s so rare) but we’re in such a conservative area. I even find myself slipping because you just kind of unconsciously go with the flow? Although I shouldn’t. I agree it’s so frustrating how so many people act like- Covid? What’s that??

  2. Roberta R.

    Alas, I’ve never watched Lost, so I can’t comment – but I remember reading about the finale when everybody was losing their sh*t about it (I also remember people wondering if they were in Purgatory when it started LOL), and uh…

    I hope the vaccine worked…

    It sounds like you had a “meh” month, reading-wise, with only a couple of exceptions…BUT YOU GOT A S&S ARC!!! (OK, I had seen it on Twitter already, but).

    How rude for “my” emojis to disappear! I NEED emojis! ARGH!

    1. Kit (Metaphors and Moonlight)

      Good news, it’s not purgatory! Lol.

      Yeah, a few good books, but a lot of meh ones. I feel like someone made a typo and accidentally sent me the email ???? Still exciting though!

      (We will see if the crying laughing emoji I included works still lol.)

  3. Jessica

    Yes I watched Lost when it came out many years ago I loved the show. Yeah I wished they answered all the questions. Right now I’m watching Manifest season 4 on Netflix. I’m almost through with the first part of season 4. I also started watching Anne Rice’s Mayfair Witches. I had read almost all the mayfair witch books. I’m also watching The Blacklist, The Winchesters, and La Brea. I’m still reading King of Fools by Amanda Foody. It is a sequel to Ace of Spades. I don’t want it to end.

    1. Kit (Metaphors and Moonlight)

      Yay fellow Lostee! But yeah, the unanswered questions are frustrating. I don’t think I’ve heard of Manifest. I have heard of the Mayfair Witches TV series. I’ve read and watched Vampire Chronicles, but not Mayfair Witches. Is the show living up to your expectations from the books? Glad your loving your current book so much!

      1. Jessica

        Manifest is about another plane that goes missing. Although it doesn’t crash, but goes in a time hole which causes them to be in the “future.” The show was canceled on NBC, but Netflix revive it because the finale didn’t answer all the questions. It was a long time ago when I read the mayfair witch books. I had to look up a family tree to get my bearings. But yes. I would love to reread the books someday.