Update: Life and Books (Nov 2022)


I cut my hair a couple inches even shorter? Is that an update?

I’ve been finding a lot of great music lately. This song and video are just really cool and sexy, I love it! (NSFW) The music starts about a minute in.

And this music video came on after another song I was listening to finished. The song was so good and the video so powerful and the performances so emotional that it just entranced me. It’s so good. TW for fake blood and violence.

I played a visual novel called “A Ghost Story?” about a haunted house and ghost and a bit of romance. The art was beautiful, and the story ended up being twisty and emotional and took me by surprise! I just reviewed it the other day, if you want to know more.

That’s about it.

Blog/Bookish Updates:

I won the Discussion Challenge giveaway! Thanks Shannon @ It Starts at Midnight and Nicole at Feed Your Fiction Addiction for hosting! I chose Timekeeper by Tara Sim.


Books I Received for Review:

The Snake Who Loved a Sparrow by Nna Natsuo, from Tokyopop. A Fractured Infinity by Nathan Tavares (audiobook), from NetGalley. World Running Down by Al Hess, from Angry Robot Books, which I didn’t get a photo of yet because I didn’t have the energy, but perhaps in my next update because it’s so pretty!


Books I Finished:

Dali by E.M. HamillDragon's Path by JB McDonaldProject Nought by Chelsea FurediA Fractured Infinity by Nathan TavaresTentacles & Triathlons by Ashley Bennett

If you’re considering buying one of the books below from Amazon, I’d really appreciate if you’d use my affiliate link!

A few good or really good books here, but not my best reading month. All my reads this month were queer in some way or another though. Ended up reading a few with nonbinary characters, which is great!

Garden of Eden by Hellie Heat – Dystopia + romance. Not bad, but I’m not interested enough to continue the series.

The Language of Dead Flowers by Charlotte Amelia Poe – A gentle sort of romance, and a bit of mystery involving necromancy.

Dali // Peacemaker // Third Front by E.M. Hamill – I really liked these! The characters were great, the world and alien cultures were interesting, there was great detail and complexity, and there was a harshness and imperfectness to everything that made it all feel realistic.

Dragon’s Path by JB McDonald – A fun fantasy book with a cute grumpy+sunshine sorta romance!

Soul Eater by Lily Mayne – Sorta dystopian/post-apoc + monster romance. Not bad, I just never got super into it.

Angels Before Man by rafael nicolas – I should’ve DNFed this one, but it started better than it ended, and I was too far in by the time I realized. The writing was so convoluted with metaphors, flowery language, POV character jumps, inner monologues that made it seem like the POV was also shifting between 3rd and 1st person, jumping back and forth between scenes, etc. that it became nearly incomprehensible to me at times.

Equinox by Charlie Godwyne – Paranormal + romance. Another that was not bad (though the paranormal aspects were confusing), but I just never got really into it.

Project Nought by Chelsey Furedi – YA sci-fi graphic novel. I really liked this! I loved the art, and the story was interesting and twisty and cute.

A Fractured Infinity by Nathan Tavares – A surprisingly slow-paced and character/thoughts/emotions-focused book about alternate realities and what one man is willing to do for the person he loves.

Rescued by the Married Monster Hunters by Ennis Rook Bashe – A light, gentle M/M/F fantasy romance with a monster from a dungeon.

The Changeling by Juniper Butterworth – A M/F/NBY fantasy romance (one of whom was a goblin) that had some great ideas and I think could’ve been great for me, but it felt super rushed and like I was just being told things.

Tentacles & Triathlons by Ashley Bennett – This was an adorable romance. The characters made me smile with their cuteness!


In Case You Missed It:

I think I’m gonna go back to just sharing a few posts here, my favorites from the month.

– I reviewed Blackwater by Jeannette Arroyo & Ren Graham, an adorable queer YA paranormal romance graphic novel.
– I reviewed Dragon’s Path by JB McDonald, a fun, cute grumpy+sunshine m/m fantasy romance.
– I talked about whether books need a strong plot to be good.
– I shared 10 queer Christmas-themed sci-fi/fantasy books I want to read.

– I reviewed Synthetic Lover, an adorable m/m sci-fi visual novel.
– I shared tweets about my Project Zomboid shenanigans.
– I reviewed 3 gorgeous, chill games to feast your eyes on.


Talk to me!

Have you found any good books, songs, or games lately?


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  1. Greg

    Hope you have a good weekend! I’m going to try Al Hess’ stuff here soon hopefully. And I like the game reviews so hopefully you keep those coming πŸ™‚

  2. Roberta R.

    “I cut my hair a couple inches even shorter? Is that an update?”
    LOL, why not? I talk about my (misadventures in) hair all the time…πŸ˜…

    “The writing was so convoluted with metaphors, flowery language, POV character jumps, inner monologues”
    Gah! I understand your frustration. I like big/unusual words and poetic language, but in the wrong hands, everything can weight the story down.

  3. Jessica

    For Nov. I read Play Dead by Harlan Coben. It was really good It was his first book. Although I was right that the guy faked his death, but I was wrong about why he did it and I was wrong about who the killer was. I also read Lisey’s Story by Stephen King. I had been wanting to read the book and watch the tv show it is based on. It was really good. It was very creepy though. I liked the book better than the show. Right now I’m reading Burglars Can’t be Choosers by Lawrence Block. It’s a funny mystery book.
    For music, after Thanksgiving, I started listening to Country Christmas music on my music-earning app. I don’t like country music, but the other stations weren’t loading right. I have also started doing meditation and listening to ayahuasca music. I would like my mother and me to try ayahuasca tea, but we haven’t yet. I also listened to some Chinese music to do my meditation.

    1. Kit (Metaphors and Moonlight)

      It’s fun trying to guess things like that in books. I love the title Burglars Can’t be Choosers, that’s so cute!

      I’m not a big country music person either. Did you get the other stations to work eventually? Ayahuasca seems intense! I didn’t know there was a music.