Update: Life and Books (Oct 2023) + Gay Frankenstein Art!


I forgot to keep track of anything this month, and now I don’t know what I did.

I guess I played more Moonstone Island? I’ve already posted my review, it’s a really cute farming sim / creature collector game!

Oh, I got a little ghost cat in Cats & Soup! It shifts between opaque and translucent, it really is cute.

I’m also still watching JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure. I’m on Season 3 now. It’s ridiculous, and I’m embracing it. (*mumbles under breath* Wouldn’t mind also embracing Kakyoin.)

I keep joining more social medias to fill the void of Twitter/X now that so many people have left, so now I’m failing at five social medias instead of one! I’m on Bluesky, but it’s lacking some important features, feels even more like screaming into a void than Twitter, and I might’ve given up on it already. I tried being active in some game Discords, but one of them feels like a group of friends standing in a huddle laughing at inside jokes, and the other started requiring phone verification, and I don’t want to give my number. I now have two Reddit accounts, one for drawing pictures of naked people (on r/DrawMeNSFW), and one for everything else (my username for that one is @NocturnalFlotsam). Occasionally I post to Tumblr, but the only things that get attention there (for me) are fandom things, and my art gets a few nibbles. I’ve also been more active in Steam forums, and my Zomboid fan art got 80+ likes, so that was nice at least. It’s incredibly lonely being chronically ill and housebound, and my living situation is not good, so I’m trying to find social interaction somewhere.

And I made more art! I drew the gay Victor/Creature romance AU I desperately want a book about. I tried to make the monster as book accurate as possible (yellow skin, arteries showing, black lips, flowing black hair), but also hot. The book doesn’t mention stitches, but it also doesn’t specifically say they aren’t there. I’ve been sharing a darker and lighter version, because I want the lighting to be suitably dramatic, but it’s hard to know how dark to go when everyone uses different devices and brightness.

Digital painting, close up of Victor Frankenstein and his creation about to kiss with moody dramatic lighting with a bolt of electricity forming a heart behind and between them. The monster has yellowish skin, long black hair, black lips, veins showing on his skin, and stitches across his forehead and in a Y shape on his chest. Victor has brown hair in a pony tail, a lab coat, and glasses with a reflection of the electricity in them. His hand is reaching around the monster's head.
Same as above, lighter.

Blog/Bookish Updates:

I’ve had some issues with my blog having spikes in resource usage on the webhost server or whatever (I don’t know the technical jargon). I kept getting passed around to different people, and I was frustrated because one in particular wasn’t listening, kept insisting on something else, and wanted to do something that was going to harm my search rankings. But I got him to walk it back to something less extreme, and to give credit where it’s due, the company could’ve been a lot worse. Another host once immediately shut down my site for a similar problem, made me appeal to get it running again, threatened to delete it entirely if it happened again, and didn’t even try to help. So the fact that this one has kept my site running, allowed time to try out solutions and see if they worked, and has treated me like a human being is a huge improvement. It seems the problem hasn’t gone away entirely, and I don’t know what else to do about it… but they haven’t contacted me again, so *fingers crossed* that it’ll be ok.

I may need to find a new way to get my stats though, since Jetpack stats is one of the problems. Let me know if you have a suggestion.


Books I Received for Review:

Photo of Otherworldly by F.T. Lukens, ARC version, held up next to a vase of dried roses. The cover features two characters sort of falling and holding each other like they're maybe about to kiss. They're in a snowy forest. One is bundled up for cold weather, the other has glowing yellow eyes and is wearing jeans and a t-shirt.

I got the audiobook for A Power Unbound by Freya Marske, via NetGalley. I also got this beautiful ARC of Otherwordly by FT Lukens, from Simon & Schuster!


Books I Finished:

Half Lost by Sally GreenFiorenzo by Sebastian NothwellBy Any Other Name by Erin CotterA Restless Truth by Freya MarskeA Power Unbound by Freya Marske

If you’re considering buying one of the books below from Amazon, I’d really appreciate if you’d use my affiliate link!

Half Lost by Sally Green – This was such a solid series, it made me feel a lot, and I think it’s going to stick with me. Magic and all that, but what really stood out was the characters.

Fiorenzo by Sebastian Nothwell – This was a lovely, gentle romance with so much hurt/comfort.

By Any Other Name by Erin Cotter – I’ve been dipping my toe into non-fantasy historical fiction, because far back historical settings sort of feel like a different world? Anyway, this was good with likeable characters.

A Restless Truth // A Power Unbound by Freya Marske – There was some slowness with the mystery, especially in A Restless Truth, but I liked the characters and the writing and overall really liked this magical, sweet, sexy series!


Talk to me!

Have you found any good books, shows, games, etc. lately?
How has social media been going for you? Have you found somewhere that doesn't feel like screaming into void?


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  1. Greg

    That game looks cute. I’m planning on joining Bluesky, just haven’t yet. It seems to be where a lot of people are going. Hopefully it will grow into a nice new Twitter lol. I really like rEddit sometimes for just learning new things, plus there a sub for just about everything (watching Godzilla movies? check). I don’t really get the upvoting thing however.

    Good luck with the bloghost thing. That’s nervewracking to have to mess with.

    1. Kit (Metaphors and Moonlight)

      I was sorta scared of Reddit lol, but it turns out, if you find the right subreddits, it can be a lovely place! Like, the art one is really supportive and just full of people getting art drawn of them and artists getting compliments. The other ones I’m in are cute game stuff or people helping each other. Upvoting is basically just liking, but anonymously.

      Thanks, yeah, blog problems are always stressful.

      1. Greg

        I agree! It’s fabulous for finding art too. And there are so many subreddits for just about anything, I love that. and so many people are like- Reddit? What’s THAT

  2. Roberta R.

    Yeah, I guess the host thing could have been worse (especially since it has in the past)…but everything blog/site related is so frustrating these days. I’m not sure I understand what the spike usage thing is, though…were they worried about it because it might be a sign of hacking?

    The social media thing is so frustrating. It’s harder to get noticed (or to notice other people’s posts) on BS because it lacks so many important features that make Twitter what it is (or was). I hope they’ll get implemented, but I don’t know if it can get away with becoming a total Twitter clone LOL (or Dorsey wants it to). I’m not on any other sites, so I don’t know about them, but I do know that Tumblr is more of a fandom outlet.

    Gorgeous art as usual, but you already know 😉. Please everyone, admire the flash heart…

    1. Kit (Metaphors and Moonlight)

      There are multiple websites hosted on the same server, so something using too many resources can slow down my site and other sites (or vice versa). But yeah, it is very frustrating and stressful that even our blogs are never entirely under our control, for lack of a better way of putting it.

      It was really fun when I posted a fandom thing on Tumblr and people actually wanted to talk about it, but yeah not too much happening for me there aside from that.

      Thanks 🙂 Yes, please do! *whispers* It’s also reflected in his glasses, idk if you noticed that detail, but I thought it looked cool lol.

  3. Tammy @ Books, Bones & Buffy

    Bluesky is still in the beta stage I think? So it’s definitely missing some of the Twitter features. I’m surprised that there are still quite a few people on X/Twitter, I may start hanging out there more often.

    1. Kit (Metaphors and Moonlight)

      I just don’t understand why some features are taking them so long. I’m not a coding expert, so maybe it’s harder than I think, but I feel like BlueSky has been out for a while now. But yes, come back to Twitter lol.